Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Collection of Dolls by the Giddy Kipper

I don't think I have ever sorted my dolls by artist on my blog before so while I am sorting out my new work room I thought this would be an opportunity to share the amazing characters I have been lucky enough to obtain.
This is my wonderfully quirky collection of the work of Jain Squires, the Giddy Kipper a UK doll artist
 A goblin scribe.
 Mad Eyed Moody.
 A little witch.
 Two girlies in my toyshop.
 My second baby.....
 ......in a pram.
 A Diagon Alley relic seller and.......
 sweet seller.
 A survivor of the Death Eaters War.
 The red hag from Potage's.
 A Ravenclaw mother and daughter.
 My peeping goblin from the apothecary.
 A bookish goblin......
 and a drunken goblin.
The happy couple.
 My three raucous hags.
 Two ghoulish children.
A 'sleepy' hag.
And lastly my sugar plum hag.
What a journey through Jain's work. I hope you have enjoyed the trip.


  1. Love Jain's work - thanks for sharing!

  2. This is quite the doll collection Janice! And Each one is Loaded with a Story! :D


    1. Absolutely. So much character in every face. I treasure them all.

  3. Unos personajes muy originales y únicos.

  4. What a great collection. Your sugar plum hag sure looks like she's had waaaay too much sugar!


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