Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Final Dip into my Collection......the Amazing Work of Jo Medvenics

Well tomorrow is D-Day, moving all the dolls houses day!! I have sorted everything out that I can now. Had my final trip to Ikea. The really good news is that all my stuff seem to have fitted into the garden workshop. Well nearly everything......I cannot lie, some frames and the odd kit may have to stay in the real house but that's not a bad thing.
So to celebrate I would like to share with you more of the wonderful dolls that I am so proud to have in my collection.
It has been really difficult to source teenagers for Diagon Alley so when I saw this teenage witch with attitude by Jo Medvenics of Pocket Pygmies I knew I had to have her. She will be perfect for Flourish and Blotts.
Then along came this very laid beck teenager inches woolly pulley and beanie hat. While not in typical wizard dress he will cut a dash amongst the young witches I think.
This great character will fit in well with The Leaky Cauldron crowd I think or maybe browsing in Slug and Jiggers.
One of the shops I am building is the Magical Menagerie with a dragon room upstairs and I asked Jo to make me a young dragon wizard and she created this fabulous young man. He certainly looks like he has had a difficult day!
 Keeping his eyes on the drunken coven in The Leaky Cauldron is Mine Host such a perfect barkeep designed specially for this scene by Jo. Absolutely perfect.
My last commission from Jo was the Apothecary for Slug and Jiggers. Jo's costumes are absolutely stunning with fabulous little details that you keep noticing.
Jo is also a very talented miniaturist and is currently working on an amazing perfume shop. You can see her project in progress on her FB page.
Have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. Unos personajes encantadores y llenos de magia!!!

  2. You have an amazing collection Janice - did you come across any you'd forgotten about? There's a lot of clever people out there, isn't there?

  3. Good luck with moving day!!! You have such a Fantastic collection of mini people for your projects! I happen to be one of those who like their mini properties to be lived in by real characters.... I can't wait to see some of your properties set up with the characters in place! Those teenagers are wonderful... and I can see the variety and care taken with all the little details of their costumes.

  4. Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Estos personajes son encantadores.

  5. A fabulous collection of Jo's work..Hope the moving in is all going smoothly..x

  6. All those dolls are great. I can't wait to see them in Diagon Alley. I especially love the teenager - what a perfect expression!


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