Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Nearly but not Quite......The Garden Workshop

I thought my chippie was being a little optimistic when he said he would be finished today but hey, originally the workshop was not scheduled to be finished until March so what's another day.
This is the completed Besta unit.
 It has a 120cm width so plenty of room for display on the top. Strangely it did not come with any handles. Luckily I bought some extras last night so they will be added tomorrow but I have a feeling that I am going to be one short overall. So one drawer will just have to wait until I buy another packet. Another trip to Ikea.....
 The interior has a glass shelf which will be a nice way to display my special pieces.
 This is the 800unit with 8 slim drawers that I am hoping to use for all my papers and cards a bit like a plan chest. It should mean that I can place them in flat in much smaller piles making searching a lot easier. I have bought some A4 plastic boxes that I hope will be good separators.
 The long worktop has been installed and I am pleased now that I went with a totally white look. This room will eventually have an awful lot in it so the blank page suits me. I love the eclectic shabby chic look but I know this crisp organisational look is a better workspace for me.
 Two open units will be put in this corner for my room boxes and small projects. I bought four originally but have decided only to use the two here and leave one wall more or less blank for the shadow boxes I intend to make one day.
 I also decided, on a whim, to get one of the Alex under desk storage units. I think it will be very handy and adds more workspace. It is on casters so can be moved as and when you need that little bit of extra space.
 Deciding what to do about the worktable has been the hardest thing of all. The interior length of the workroom is about 3metres and most desk/tables are 60cm in depth. This meant 190cm (table 120cm plus worktop 70cm) of length leaving only 110 cm around the table for chairs and general movement which seemed a bit cramped to me.
 So I opted for two 100cm tables and two 120cm tables but my hippie has taken off a length off one of the tables making a large table 100x240. Not sure if that makes sense but I will be able to show you tomorrow hopefully when he has finished.
I am not sure if this arrangement is going to work, the table seems to have a huge amount of legs!! It was, however, the cheapest way I could get a table this size and with the strength I need. I wanted to have the table placed centrally so I could see out into the garden and make the best of any natural light. The jury is out on this decision at the moment.
Now one big problem about this very crisp white desk chair is black and I can't stop thinking about this little beauty. Do I dare?


  1. Muy elegante y blanco para que tenga luz y alegría. Dan ganas de ponerse a trabajar ya.

  2. I have the Alex unit under my work tables Janice and it is brilliant. Your be surprised just how much stuff you can get in there. That Chair is fab and would look lovely, you just know your going to buy it..

  3. Ha, ha!! I can't keep saying " I'll only be doing this once". Love the Alex unit already and all I've done is have a little play spinning it around!!

  4. I am so thrilled for you! It is looking just wonderful. I know you have to be counting the days until you can settle in and enjoy your first day playing.

    1. Today Catherine, it really should be today!! What excitement.

  5. LOVIN IT!
    And I love the drawer pulls that you have had installed. Very clean and contemporary. And the chair is a Real Beauty!
    Just remember, that the chair is the item that is going to take the most abuse, and White does not always stay white.


    1. I know, I know but the chair is soooo lovely. Plus when I look out of my proper kitchen window all I will see is the tall backed black chair......decisions,decisions. Plus you are right white in a workroom may end up more like a modern painting!

  6. Hi Janice, it is certainly elegant! That chair does seem right but on the other hand it won't stay this crisp and white once you start putting your houses and room boxes in....

    I've bookmarked you posts as later in the year I hope to 'do' my workroom and yours looks the part and you seem to have thought of everything!

    Not quite sure what to do with my machines though...

    1. Thank you Idske that is a lovely compliment. I never thought there would be so many things to think of I must admit. The space seems to have filled up so quickly!

  7. It looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing the space all filled up! The chair is a beauty, but I agree that it may not stay that way.


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