Monday, 12 January 2015

A Dip into my Collection as the Unpacking Continues.

I have been up to my ears in sorting today and feel like I accomplished quite a lot in the grey miserable day we have had today. I had expected to find a whole lot of stuff that I would immediately throw away but I haven't which is a good thing. Yes I have found more tweezers than I thought I had, yes I have found more glue than I thought and had and yes I definitely have enough card to build a real life house but that's not too awful. 
Anyway, I didn't think it would be very interesting to show you the contents of my drawers so here are a few of the dolls I uncovered today.
 This wonderfully elvish character is by a very talented and relatively new doll artist that I discovered on FB, Emma Butcher.
 Emma produces a whole range of characters from her Ebay shop. I absolutely adore her.
I have a few cherished dolls by Jo Medvenics who is an extremely talented British artist, she has an Etsy shop selling as JoMed of Pocket Pygmies. Jo not only produces extremely characterful dolls but dolls houses and scenes beyond compare.
See her work here on FB page.
 This is Samuel Snuckleweed who worked very hard at clearing the wizarding world of Death Eaters following the slaying of He Who Must Not Be Named.
 This little character always makes me smile and certainly deserves to come out of the tissue. She was made by Jain Squires the Giddy Kipper. I really treasure this little charmer as Jain made it for me specially to sit in my fabulous Pumpkin Pram by Debie Lyons
 This is one of my favourite pieces and shows the talent of both artists.
 I feel so lucky to own such a perfect miniature for my Diagon Alley.
Now my doll collection is out of its boxes they want to be seen so I will let some of the other characters come out and play tomorrow.


  1. Unas bonitas piezas. El pequeño en la calabaza me encanta.

  2. Que maravillosos personajes,son auténticos tesoros!!!!!

  3. Ooo Janice
    They are marvellous....far too good to be in tissue paper :)
    By the way, you are now to blame for me taking a notion to tidy up and re-arrange things :) But we'll see how long that notion lasts....
    I hope you are really enjoying having your own space to create in peace!
    All the best

    1. Well Vivian, it is not very peaceful at the moment. It has the look of a burgled Hobbycraft shop!! If only the real world wouldn't keep getting in the way I would be finished by now. I have no idea why they keep expecting to be fed!!


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