Monday, 31 January 2011

A Special Commission.......and Part 4 "Definitely The Beyond......"

 Before Christmas I asked Julia of Bearcabin Miniatures to make me two special pieces for my son's stockings. Obviously they were really for me to put on the walls of The Leaky Cauldron. They just fabulous and made us all smile on Christmas Day. I also have a Siamese one with my daughter's name in my as yet un-named florist shop so now I have a wonderful full set!
After long admiring the flowers that many bloggers have displayed on their blogs made from the kits of Pascale Garnier, I finally discovered her contact details and have received a lovely collection in the post. I am hoping to have a go at one of the kits tomorrow, the beautiful orange Morning Glory looks ideal for the pavement of the Cauldron I think.
For anyone interested my adventure continues with Definitely the Beyond up and running in the side bar. I hope you enjoy the photos at least.


  1. Janice, I LOVED the latest instalment of your holiday! It was hysterical and I laughed out loud! lol lol Wonderful and delightful reading!! :o)))))))))

    Ooh I've heard of Pascale's wondeful flower kits, but have yet to buy any. :o))

    Michelle xx

  2. Hi Michelle, these kits do look a bit daunting I will definitely need my glasses!
    I cannot tell you how loud the afternoon delight was, my god he must be in the wrong job if the noise was anything to go by! Needless to say my husband heard nothing, much to busy searching for food and beer!

  3. Janice, like Michelle I've just read the new instalment in your Jungle adventure, I have to agree with her, it did make me laugh especially the bit about the Craps, So funny.
    Love your little samplers made by Julia and I've seen those kits made up, by some of our blogging friends and they are

  4. Hi Janice,
    More fabulous holiday tales, you did make me smile, I am so enjoying your trip.

    Your flower kits are lovely and I know you will make them up wonderfully, your flowers are always perfect.

    Glad my stitchings brought a smile on christmas day :0)
    Julia xxx

  5. Julia's work and the flowers kits are great but your pictures about your holiday are Wow!! wonderful and of course it has been a pleasure to read your adventures, a lot of fun!!

  6. Do let us know about the kit, Janice, I heard they are not easy and the instructions are in French only.

    What can I say, reading your travelogue is like watching Ian Wright's. You know I am always eagerly awaiting your next instalment? And what a treat you have for us in this one with the obligatory almost X rated tit-bits :):)! You are a box office hit, my dear!

  7. Te felicito por tus trabajos.Besos.

  8. Hi Sans, a bit risque I know but there are some things that just have to be shared! Have made my first kit and will be posting tonight.


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