Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Spring is in the Air!

While I am waiting for deliveries of balsa wood and slate tiles for the Cauldron. I decided to have a try of one of my new kits from Pascale Garnier. I have only made kits from Katherine of Templewood Miniatures in the past which I have found brilliant but having seen lots of lovely work from Pascale's kits I was keen to give them a try.
 Although Pascale does not have a website I finally tracked down her email address and asked her for a list of kits. She has a huge selection of all types of flowers but only a few have English instructions at the moment. Pascale was so helpful and following a number of emails, one of which included some photographs of Pascale's wonderfully chic home, I chose a number of kits.
 Here is the first I have tried so far. It is an Imperial Crown kit. The English instructions are very clear and although it was slightly more tricky than previous kits I have made I had no difficulty in following the steps. I would say it helps if you have made other flower kits in the past and don't mind playing with very small pieces.
Sorry, the pictures are not great as I took them too late in the afternoon when it had become really grey outside but I hope you can see the tiny stamens poking from the flowers which are all provided with the kit. You even get sand, grit and a foam pad for curling the petals and leaves.
Although I made a couple of mistakes and they do not quite look the same as the photograph I am really pleased with the finished plant and the flower is more unusual.
As I had the flowers pots out I decided to pot some other plants that have been waiting a while.
 Again, the photos are not great, they are not shiny but I had to use the flash. The flowers pots are from a wonderful US company Braxton Payne who have a huge selection in all different sizes. 
I tried out different soil this time, I used poppy seeds rather than crushed tea leaves. and that turned out quite nicely. I always mix the 'soil' with PVA and then pack it in the pots, the stems then stand solidly.
Today I have also been playing with the fireplace of the Cauldron bedroom and finishing off the slate floor but it is now much too dark for photographs. 
Time for a cup of tea and After Eight mint I think.


  1. these look very beautiful! I love spring and flowers! who doesnt ;)

  2. I love the kits and you have done a great job making them, I know how fiddly they are! So they are on my list of wants and I think I'd want more cottage and wild flowers for my projects, so I hope she does them.

    I have some of Braxton Payne's pots myself, just wonderful and sooo fine! ;o))

    I know about the light disappearing in a flash at the moment....dire for photo's! lol

    lol I love After Eights too, one of the very few sweets I can eat. :o)))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Janice your flowers turned out beautiful. I love doing flower kits, I like Hanky Panky here in the US. That tea and AfterEight sound good :)

    Victoria ♥

  4. I love them all! what patience you have Janice x

  5. Beautiful flowers! I always enjoy making Pascale's kits.

  6. They are lovely Janice, you really have a gift for making superb flowers. I can see the little stamens, amazingly small :0)

    Julia xx

  7. they look very tricky Janice, but you've done a fantastic job on them! :o) cant wait for spring to arrive in the 1:1 world or I'm gonna be spending a fortune in Templewoods, what a fantastic site! I've saved the link so I can go back & spend my pocket money... when I get some! LOL

  8. Janice, the kit looks pretty complicated. I have never made any flowers before so they may be a bit tough for me. But yours turn out very well. Your pictures (especially the 1st one came out well). I am thinking of making lotuses. Not sure if she has the kit.

  9. That is an unusual flower and you've made it very well Janice, but then all your flowers are so good. Having spent half a day on my first flower I haven't ventured back into it yet,:-.

  10. Hi ladies, the Garnier kits are definitely not for beginners! This kit took me the best part of a day but all flower kits are time consuming.
    The Templewood kits are great for anyone trying kits for the first time with some being slightly more fiddly than others.

    Hi Sans, not sure about lotuses but Templewood do a lovely orchid kit which can be painted to make it even nicer. I t will be a piece of cake for you I think.

  11. Your miniatures are wonderful!
    I make miniatures. I can be part of your followers?


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