Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tara and Julia at Their Best...........And Page 3, Borneo

Have had some lovely things in the post this week that I thought you might prefer to see rather than the ramblings of a reluctant traveller. For those of you not yet bored to death I have added a 3rd page today.
Moving on. Tara of 19th Day Miniatures has been making me a fabulous collection of flowers and the last three arrived this week.
 Aren't they just fabulous. I can't tell you how detailed the cello playing rose is. I hope you can see everything clearly in the photograph. They are so gorgeous I am almost loathe to put them in my project and am leaning towards their own little box frame......... 
 Tara even sent me a little tray of bottles all with the tiniest feathers which will go in any number of my houses. Thank you Tara. I am so glad I asked you to make me my flowers before you closed your commission book for a while!
If you haven't seen Tara's work do visit her Etsy shop for a browse.

My next package was from Julia of Bear Cabin Miniatures
A welcome home present, so generous and kind! A teddy for my Toy Shop, an antiqued jar and quill, but best of all bundles of letters beautifully addressed to my Witch E.T.'s Emporium!
Everything has found a place already, thank you so much for such a thoughtful gesture Julia.
Isn't Blogland wonderful, who needs to travel!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you liked them Janice :) The envelope bundles are my latest 'thing', I love making them, they are popping up every where in my projects :) Your roses are fab too, I love the all :)

    Off to read 'Into Borneo and Beyond' now....

    Julia xx

  2. Tara's flowers are magical. What a wonderful coming home gift from Julia :)

    Victoria ♥

  3. Ahhh how cute, love the little teddy and love those envelope bundles too! Taras flowers are so wonderful, I have one too, a!little sleeping rose. My fav is the cello playing one, how cool! Lovely to see new minis Janice, are you back inot working on your projects yet? xxx

  4. If only Kate!
    My daughter came home for the weekend fron uni to see us after our trip, so I have spent some time with her which has been lovely.
    My Adventure posts are taking up quite a lot of time in the day plus I am trying to title all my photographs each portion at a time. New Year's Resolution Number Three.
    I did, however, buy some MDF primer today so that I can start the outside of the Leaky Cauldron. I am hoping to get back to actually doing, rather than just talking, tomorrow!
    The days just seem to whizz past. Am writing this before travelling up to London with my youngest to see the footie.
    I need to make better use of the odd hours I get in between tasks.....Mmmmm another resolution?

  5. I have gone and read your last 2 posts on Malaysia and like the 1st one, I have thoroughly enjoyed your perspective :).

    Wow, a jelly fish battle scar! You are a certified Adventurer!Well done Janice! But I know it must have been so damn painful.

  6. I've just finished reading your third instalment and the photographs are marvellous. I'm really enjoying this holiday of yours!

  7. It certainly was painful but I will bear the scars with pride! I am so glad you are enjoying the post. We made a few boo boos with our general planning and am disappointed now that we did not make it to Singapore. We should have gone there first and KL last I think.

    Oh well next time......

  8. LOL I LOVE the latest instalment! lol EWW the box jelly fish sting sound horrendous and I've heard some awful stories of what another has to do to ease the sting...is it true!? :o(

    Good thing your priming and if your using paperclay and the like both sides, you'll need to prime both sides. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  9. Hi Michelle, not sure if it's true or not but I was not allowing anyone to pee on me! In fact I was told by the Malayas that I should just stand in the sea water and that would be the best thing, the salt apparently.

    There was absolutely no chance I was getting back in the water and used vinegar! Loads of it, for hours. But, it did work and I show everyone my scar now!

  10. Wow! A jellyfish sting? I am so jealous, lol! No really, because it would mean that I was somewhere cool to get one, hehehe! It has been a long time since I went on vacation and I'm looking forward to an adventure again! I'm so glad you like your roses, leave me feedback darlin'! And heal up and have a nice rest after your trip :) Hugs-Tara, 19th Day Minis


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