Friday, 28 January 2011

Get Ready, Get Steady......

 .......and I am ready to start "The Leaky Cauldron". Ahh, but first my work room had to be sorted. I spent a very happy day yesterday sorting through all my boxes and tidying the drawers.
 Everything is now clearly labelled and easy to bring to hand. Nothing will ever get mis-laid again!!  
 I have even labelled all my dried grasses, mosses and gravels. This means I will be able to grab exactly the right jar exactly when I need it........I can hear you all sniggering from here! I can't help it, I love the idea of being organised and I can't work in a mess like I know all the really creative people do.
So, I am all set.
 My glue collection is awaiting the call and.......
 my little bitty bits and pieces are crying out to escape from their boxes.
My new project has already been part built and is Sid Cooke's Bow Street Corner shop. The exterior will be 'Tudoresque' and the interior warm and inviting I hope.
 I have been collecting pieces for the pub for quite a long time and have been lucky enough to collect a few lovely items. Two of Jain's great characters are there having fun. 
I am going to make a false door to give the idea of a larger premises with stairs leading to the upstairs bedroom. The walls will be covered with pictures and painting a la Harry Potter plus a couple of pieces that I have had made specially.  
 Upstairs a Hogwarts pupil has booked in in order to buy all her new term's items before getting the Hogwarts Express. It has all been a little bit exhausting and she has fallen asleep while studying. As usual Julie has created a wonderful character and I knew she was just right for "The Leaky Cauldron's"
overnight guest.
This room will also have a false door and a trap door in the ceiling leading to a dingy attic which can be accessed by lifting off the roof.
I haven't listed all the very talented people whose work can be seen as I will show everything in better detail as the project progresses.
Today I have primed the carcass, papered the ceilings, wall papered the interior walls with some gorgeous paper I bought at Miniatura and begun laying the interior floors. Will show photos tomorrow as it was too dark this evening. 
I have had a lovely mini day and am feeling all is right with the world! Amazing what quality me time can do. 


  1. Are they old dishwasher boxes you have there for your super storage? I use Chinese take away boxes, but your boxes are soooo much deeper. I hasten to add you won't be seeing inside my drawers! However, each drawer is organised to a theme and type. :o))

    Please can we have some close up of the characters!! :o))))

    It all sounds grand and I love the idea of the trap door!! I did wonder whether to have an attic...but a dirty and full of allsorts. I like that you are doing the same kit as me at the same time. Alas I think you are far more advanced! lol I'm doing work on both Hogwarts and Slug and Jiggers tomorrow.

    Michelle xxx

  2. This makes me all guilty about my workspace! love how you labeled everything! and beautiful house :)

  3. WOW you are sooooooooooooo organised! I just want to peep in each box to see what's inside ha ha ha!

  4. OOOH! The Leaky Cauldron looks like it will be so fun to do! The dolls look perfect for it! I am looking forward to watching you work on it.

  5. omg!!!! i love it already!!! :D Linda x

  6. Im not laughing at all its fantastic Janice, now PLEASE come do my room! Ive just moved back into the conservatory in the warm for winter from the outside workshop and have found massive amount sof boxes but all with muddles up minis and its driving me crazy! So your organisation is inspiring me! Cant wait to see the Leaky cauldron , Im doing my own witches Inn so hoping we both wont be after the same things he he! Cant wait to see all your progress! Kate xxx

  7. I'm VERY impressed with your organisational skills! It looks soooo neat and organised - I'm inspired. I did smile at the boxes labelled "broomsticks" and "spare wooden pieces". Now, that IS organised.

    Your plans for your new property look well underway and I'm looking forward to following your progress with this.

  8. Hi Ladies,
    Whether or not everything stays this organised is another thing of course but when you are a bit of a hoarder and a compulsive shopper you tend to forget what you have stashed away!

    Michelle, most of my storage boxes are washing capsule tubs ( I use Fairy but they are used by everyone now I think ), and they are the perfect size for storgage.

    Kate, I am a compulsive sorter so would enjoy the challenge of your new workspace. My house is never squeaky clean, I hate all housework, but I am tidy. My children hate it as I am always in their rooms tidying up their rubbish. I don't know why but I am uneasy with mess. Now dust....that is another matter!

    I like the fact we all work in similar projects as we do a lot of sourcing for each other plus I for one am always so inspired by others work.

    Oh, Michelle I have decided on doing the attic because I have quite a few pieces of furniture and 'stuff' that I bought when I was first collecting which I will never use now. This seems an ideal way to use it up, when its dirtied and broken up a bit. Rather than have it just taking up space in drawers etc.

  9. The Leaky looks wonderful! And such organization! Yes, please, close-ups of everything. I love to watch progress being made...maybe it will inspire me to complete my projects. Ha!

  10. could do a new project of an antique store/ room box with all your 'extras' Janice. I have been having a clear out and sorted lots of furniture etc for ebay but decided to keep all my little bits and bobs to do just day lol!! Kate xxx

  11. Oh I love this scene already. Your people are perfect and I look forward to watching the progress. I just organized all my craft room. You sorted your stuff even further than I did. I did not label all my snall containers and bottles.

  12. Janice, you certainly are organised. I'm not showing this to any of my lot, else they might get ideas and tell me to clear up..LOL
    Love your ideas for The Leaky Cauldron, looking forward to seeing your new project come

  13. Wow, im so impressed with how organized you are!!! Great Job, looking forward to seeing your progress on the LC. Im working on one too, I love your leather luggage in the upstairs room, Jenn

  14. Hi Ladies, will do lots of proper close ups as the project progresses. Have spent an afternoon with balsa trying to make some internal doors so my workroom is not looking quite so organised now!!

    Jenn, the luggage is gorgeous and opens up with internal trays. I intend to fill them with all the sort of stuff a Hogwart's girlie would need....eventually.
    I bought both pieces at the Kensington fair from The Luggage Lady who does not have a website but does the main UK shows. Her pieces are lovely and were just what I wanted.

  15. Me again! There is a great article on making this kind of luggage for yourself if anyones interested in this months ( march) Dollshouse World magazine. I am going to have a go and make it into a HP trunk with lots of goodies for my HP loft room! The article is by Joann l Swanson and its a trunk that opens up with drawers and flaps, youd love it! Mind you its 6 pages of instructions so you need to have some patience lol. xxx

  16. I can't wait to see your progress Janice. You have a wonderful start, I love the trap door idea. My house has one and am unsure about using it. I will watch how you do yours.

    Victoria ♥


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