Saturday, 29 January 2011

Leaky Cauldron Interior.....

This is the wallpaper I have chosen for The Leaky Cauldron. I bought it at Miniatura in October with this project in mind. I liked the silky sheen and aged cracks which really reminded me of the smoky old pubs my parents used to take me to when I was a kid. The paper is a lovely quality and went on like a dream. I bought four sheets and used all this inside which means I have to hope I can get some more in March for the front inside panel.
 I have decided to use wallpaper in all the shops for two reasons: it is very quick and I will be filling the shops with lots of 'stuff' so I don't think I need to spend ages perfecting the interiors. 
 This is the bedroom and I have chosen 'oak' flooring which I have cut from floor tiles that I bought at my local DIY store. They are textured and have fantastic sticking quality. I have simply cut them into varying floor board lengths. Quick, easy and cheap. 
I didn't run out of these, I just ran out of time! 
 On the ground floor, which will be the bar. I have used Richard Stacey's black slate for the first time and it is quite beautiful but not so quick or cheap. Plus as you can see I ran out of tiles which means I have had to order a small packet. Grrrr! These tiles have to be sealed and then grouted which I can't do now until they arrive in the post.
 I have used these floor tiles before, in a different colour, and have not worked out how to cut them without them flaking or disintegrating. I seem to end up with very odd shapes which I then sand down furiously. Any tips anyone?
I have finished the 'oak' floor today and started playing with balsa. I have made a couple of false interior doors prototypes, they look ok but may not be right for The Cauldron as they are a bit fancy. I will post pictures tomorrow. I will probably use them to test washes.
The staining and ageing is the hardest part for me. I never know what colours to blend, the strength of the wash or the mixtures. I am going to look through Michelle's old blog posts as I know she has made some beautiful doors for her Hogwarts project.
Anyone getting up to watch Murray in the Australian Final tomorrow?


  1. Unos fondos perfectos para esta casa. El suelo d pizarra queda precioso. Un trabajo muy bien hecho.
    Besos Clara

  2. You ARE ahead of me! lol The walls are great and a fab look too, and I know how time consuming the stone flooring is. You need a tile cutter, they are very cheap. You repeatedly score with one end (along a metal ruler) and then use pilers or whether they are called to snap them and then file away any burs with a rasp.

    Promise to take some special photo's for you and email them to you so you can see what I mean.

    I will be doing my downstairs walls tomorrow and maybe the floor (downstairs) if the walls are dry in time.

    Make sure your doors are completely dry before applying your wash.I used my fingers to remove any harsh lines between strokes, I did this repeatedly for every new lot of paint I applied. I did the brown wash first then the wash of white for ageing. However, it's entirely down to the individual what colour and look they want. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Love, love, love the wall paper, hope you will be able to get another sheet. I like easy, the oak floor looks nice and the slate is awesome.

    Victoria ♥

  4. Oh Victoria, this stand had the most gorgeous papers. I have a black and gold one for Flourish and Blotts which is very dramatic. I bought a few types for my shops but I will have to try and buy the extra sheets this time around. I always forget the front panel which uses up quite a lot.

    Hi Michelle. Is this a normal DIY tile cutter from a usual shop or one especially for minis? It sounds just what I need.
    And a white wash? That sounds like the secret ingredient I am missing. Thanks.

  5. Hi Janice,

    Yes, just a normal tile cutter for life sized tiles. I have sent you an email with a photo of it, so you can locate one in Homebase or B&Q next time you go.

    Any problems with the washes, just drop me an email. ;o)

    Michelle xx

  6. What fabulous paper!!
    And the floors are looking great - I'll look up floor tiles in my local DIY shop next time we go there.
    As for aging, like you, I'm hesitant. I think that a lot of thin washes is best, drying between applications. Testing on a spare surface is good, too. Michelle's blog is fab for advice :)))


  7. I adore that paper too. I never think to check out papers as they dont have the right effect but this does! Did they have a website Janice or can you remember the name I d love to browse their other papers? The slate floor is beautiful and will be worth the effort Im sure! He he I do the same, I spent a whole afternoon with a notebook and pen jotting down tips on washes and painting from Michelles blog, she should write a book!!! Have fun! Kate xxx

  8. Lovely wallpaper - just right for your project. As for the tiles, I've used an emery board in the past to file off the little jaggy edges and to tidy up the corners.

  9. a conseguido usted un efecto muy bello con ese papel, me gusta mas con las baldosas negras, me recuerdan a los suelos de pizarra que se utilizaban en las sierras de por aquí.
    un abrazo

    to get you a very nice effect with this role, but I like the black tiles, remind me of slate floors that were used in the mountains around here.
    a hug

  10. The wallpaper is beautiful, looks really old!!
    I love the slates, they look wonderful!

  11. Hi Janice, Lovely of you to drop by. This is the most fabulous looking project. I watched all the Harry Potter films over Christmas and just love the whole Hogwarts theme. Your floor looks great. I am going to watch this with interest. By the way the Pascale Garnier flowers ARE time consuming but if you do exactly what she says they seem to turn out OK. I am now doing some primulas which are a lot lot more complicated and exacting. These will take some time!! Belated happy new year! Best wishes, Carol :)

  12. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies.

    Glenda, do have a look at the tiles. There are some really nice ones available but when you see them try and think small otherwise they look much to chunky and you can't believe they would work.
    Plus the thinner the better, these are usually the cheapest too.

    Kate, I have been racking my brains to remember the name of the stand and even looked on the Miniatura site but to no avail. I will definitely make a note when I go in March. They had lots of marvellous designs.

    Hi Carol, I am hoping to start one tomorrow as I am waiting for tiles and balsa wood. Wish me luck!


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