Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Not So Intrepid Arrive......

Morning View Across Kuala Lumpur December 2010

I have added a new page describing our first few days in Kuala Lumpur for anyone who is interested. This is a very personal account and is not meant as a tourist guide, it is as much about me as Malaysia and written with my tongue very firmly placed in my cheek.
You can always ignore the writing and simply enjoy the photographs, that will certainly take you far less time!


  1. Janice, I'm really enjoying reading about your adventure..Can't wait for the next instalment..

  2. Thanks Debbie. It is proving to be a great way of making sure I have something to remember other than a collection of photographs hidden away and never seen again.

  3. I've been reading all about your adventure looks fabulous and oooooh the food and fabulous wild life!!! :o)

    Michelle xxx

  4. Hi Michelle. So glad you enjoyed this instalment. We were a bit cowardly about the food and eat in the hotel but with a lot of travelling to do I was terrified about getting ill. Not because it was dirty or anything, Malaysia is incredibly clean, but just because it is different.

  5. Loving the story and the pictures are wonderful.
    Waiting for the next instalment now:)xxxx

  6. looks like you had lots of fun!! i wanna visit KL!!


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