Monday, 26 July 2010

What Can It Be..............?

Look what the postman delivered to me this morning. A very bubbly cake I thought! The poor post lady looked very confused and looked in her post bag for the envelope she felt sure should be covering this naked parcel! On opening these are all the goodies I found safely snuggled.....
A wonderful bird stand, a dragon skin witch's hat plus some very useful extra goodies all from the fabulous Nikki. The hat is fabulous and very cleverly made. I also received
......the vine that began my attempts with wire. I had to buy this one because I desperately wanted something truly fab for the front of my witch house. All I can say is photographs do not do justice to this piece. The delicacy is amazing and it is so light and completely flexible. So beautifully crafted, thank you Nikki I love it!
As usual Nikki is so kind and generous with her ideas and she sent me these to help me with my own trials...
All the types of wire she uses in her own work, plus an example piece to show me how she works. How truly generous! I have some lovely bunches of grapes that I hope will do the vine justice as I think the vine will look superb loaded with luscious fruit.
Plus I could not resist Jayne's new items on Etsy and have added a Silly Lily to my collection of naughty plants! These will all eventually find their way into 'Roots and Shoots' my Diagon Alley herbologist shop. I just love sourcing for new projects!
Jayne also kindly sent me all these wonderful pots which I am really grateful for as it is so hard to find differently shaped pots in the UK. These will certainly be put to good use as I have been in a flower making mood lately. Thank you so much Jayne and all the girls are behaving quite nicely towards Lily at the moment but I don't trust that Nancy!


  1. Oh dear, i forgot to say you parcel was a bit strange, lol. I couldnt think of a way to pack the vine as it was, and so with the use of card and an icercream tub i found a way. Made my poor hubs takes the odd looking parcel to post. It does look like a cake doesn't it lol.
    Im glad you are happy with the vine. Its hard to take a good photo of and show the colours and detail as they are. I must have taken hundreds to get what i did.
    Hope the samples will be of use with the types of wire to buy.
    Beautiful flower from Jayne. Im going to have to treat myself to one of her sunflowers.
    Lots of love, Nikki xxx

  2. What a great package. I love the hat, and had to try and make one for Lola as she bought the orange dragon eye book at KDF but I couldnt afford the hat. I tried to make one but it didnt turn out anything like Nikkis and thats cos her work is simply the best of quality and design. The vine will look amazing Im sure, will you add leaves or anything or keep it plain and more wintry looking? Jaynes flowers, ahh I am in love with them all!! Have fun with it all Janice. Kate xxx

  3. Just fab mini's! :o)) I was going to buy the climber myself as I liked it, BUT I didn't really know where I'd put it! Are you going to keep it bare? I know I would, that way you can see all the great detailing!

    Yes, I've had just the bubble wrap around parcels too from Nikki! lol Mine were normal looking though! lol ;o)

    I have the pots that you have from dear Jayne, aren't they great? Did you see that teeny tiny one?! lol

    Michelle xxxx

  4. What a funny looking parcel...I'd be looking for the envelope too :-)

    You have some lovely things there. The vine is amazing. I am sure you'll find it much easier now you have that in front of you.

    I am pleased Lily Jo got there safely and you liked the pots. I am the other way around and love to get posts from the UK as they are so different to here :-)

  5. Just a note to let you know I have been here enjoying a catch up :-)


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