Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Show and Tell Time........

Recently Ira of Merry Jingle arranged a garden swap for those bloggers interested in swapping items for our gardens. The lovely Ira, who has taken a kind interest in my projects, allowed me to ask for wands instead of flowers. As you can see I received my items from Ira today, not only wands but these gorgeous hats. 
Here is the wand collection, I think my favourite is the Weasley style broken wand held together with string.
Ira also sent these beautiful perfume bottles, a lovely brown leather journal, a quill with ink pot and because it was a 'garden' swap a creepy plant.
Lastly but certainly not least this fabulous hat and scarf set, what every witch needs for the festive season.
Thank you so much Ira for organising us all. I love swapping as it gives us all a chance to get to know each other and share our particular craft skills. Great fun!
As I have been making up flowers I thought it was time to prepare the stands I have had sitting around to place in the windows of my florist.
I have made very simple plant stands from balsa and small wood pieces and painted them to match the overall colour scheme. All these flowers are made from kits by Templewood Miniatures.
So another job done!
There is one area of this hobby that I will definitely never try to emulate, doll making. This is a skill that is well beyond me so I am trying to build up a collection ready to show the hustle and bustle of Diagon Alley. This is the second witch I have been lucky enough to purchase from Joy of Adora Bella Minis.
Isn't she adorable.....She looks at home in the kitchen of my witch house at the moment but eventually she will be on the move, even a witch needs to shop!


  1. What an absolutely wonderful swap! I love everything! The hats are amazing and so are the wands!

    Janice, your flowers are equally fab and I love the plant stands too! Great idea! :o)) The witch has an amazing face, and I love her hair! lol

    Michelle xxx

  2. Hi Michelle, Ira is hugely generous so I hope she likes the things I have sent her.
    Have been missing the fairs so have indulged in quite a lot of internet shopping recently! I keep saying ah, but there haven't been any fairs to go to!

  3. Everything is sooooo good!! Ira's minis are just superb, and your flowers and stands look so fresh!!

  4. Enhorabuena por esas miniaturas de Ira, son una maravilla!!!
    Me encantan las flores.
    La bruja es genial!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Good that the package arrived soon and safe :) And I'm happy that you like the minies I've :) Your plantstands look fab, I have to try some :) And that witch is fabulous, I love the facial expression!

  6. A brilliant swap Janice,I too have been internet shopping as there is a lull in the fairs, cant wait for Miniatura although I hope I wont have time to leave my table to shop much LOL
    Joys witches are so sweet, love her happy face !
    julie xxx

  7. Beautiful minis! Great plant! And what a cute witch!!:)

  8. I think Ira's generosity is quite legendary now :). And she is very versatile and seems to do everything :).

    Janice, your flowers are great and really pretty. How can one not smile when they see the window displays?

    I love market scene and can't wait to see how your Diagon Alley will pan out.

  9. What a great swap and I am delighted to see that another one of Joy's dolls has come to live with you. I know Joy well shes a lovely lady.

    Debie xxxxxx

  10. A fantastic swap, the hats and wands are great and I love your creepy plant. Your plant stands are fab and show off your pretty plants perfectly. The new witch is sooo fun, she looks right at home opening that kitchen drawer :0)
    Julia xxx

  11. Wicked hats :-)What a wonderful swap

  12. Hi ladies, you are right I have been very lucky to receive so many perfect items from Ira. I love Joy's witch she looks like a lot of fun!

  13. Thsi swap is turning out to be wonderful for have some lovey things there.

    Love the new witch...Joys dolls are fun.

    You are really, really good at making flowers Janice.


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