Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Shabby Chic Living Room.....And Then Back to Diagon Alley!!

I have placed my Shabby Chic House in its place of honour on the bay shelf of my living room but before I forget about it and return to Diagon Alley I thought I would post a few photographs of the living room.
I have added a mirror from Minimum World that was really cheap and I have simply painted it. The lantern is from Patrizia's furniture and accessory range. The dainty candlesticks and candle tray are from Le Miniature di Eurosia whose table was a shabby chic treasure trove at KDF last December.
 The whole scene has come together with one of Lidi's superb baskets filled with the sort of comfy wrap you need on a chilly day. Two frames from MollySue Miniatures and a lazy twig plant by me.
 This chic unit is another piece by MollySue Miniatures and is a great way to display a few bits and bobs that I have painted. The wellies are just a bit of fun, painting is not my strong point!!
 Every modern girl needs a desk and I have topped this one with a letter rack from MollySue filled with some printies and a notice board reflecting my daughter (and me a teeny bit!!). Three of her all time favourite hunks, cream dresses very much like the one she chose for her graduation last summer and one of her favourite books that we both read on a family holiday to Granada, Spain a few years back.
 The whole scene with a vintage picture of me at my christening with my god-mother and a 'HOME' wall rack from MollySue Miniatures
 I have used battery lights for this project from Minimum World as I didn't want any wires coming out of the back of the dolls house. The bay is topped by my parent's wedding photo and I have added a vase of lilies made by me and a gorgeous silver photograph frame by Mike Sparrow that was my treat from the new City of London Show.
So that's that with this project for a while. I still have a couple of pieces to add. I would like to find a mini Mac, another fawn pug, a nicer sofa, pillows for the bed.............gosh, I thought I had finished!!!
Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Shabby Chic Phase Is Finished......Well Nearly!!

Gosh it has been a long, long time since I posted. Christmas and 2012 have come and gone and I have at last got back into the mini swing. The shabby chic house for my newly decorated living room is practically finished. It has taken a little longer and cost a lot more than I anticipated when I started the project, a bit like the redecoration of my real life living room!! I think it has been worth it though, I am really pleased with the final look. So although I haven't been posting I have been working, a little bit!!
Both the rooms have been shabbied and chiced to within an inch of their lives. Plus I have tried really hard not to over dress the scene, I always find it really hard to stop adding one more thing.....and then another.
The top room has the clean, bright and fresh look I was hoping for. 
While the living room has showcased the wallpaper in the most surprising way. I have also been able to add little pieces that make it very contemporary. It has been a fun change from Diagon Alley but I can feel all the magic and grunge of that project calling me. Here are some extra photos of the Shabby Chic House I hope you enjoy them.
 I have added a whole load of old family photographs to both rooms. This one is a two or three year old me at a 1960's holiday camp. Four of my favourite books by Lauren Delaney fitted perfectly above the linen closet.
 The interior fabrics are small samples and off cuts that I simply concertinaed and steam ironed, maybe I should have sewn them but they seem to be holding their shape ok. This dandy little pug was one of my first buys from Miss Sally's World and he looks very comfy.
 On the bedside cabinet are three hand blown bottles from Ray Storey's glass range, I have added white glitter twigs as a quick and easy embellishment. The sampler I purchased quite a while ago from Julia Jeffreys and I have painted the frame ivory. You can just see the bed frame which was made for me by Sue Kendall a new miniaturist to me and discovered by accident when looking for shabby chic inspiration. Sue Kendall runs MollySue Miniatures from her home in Ireland and produces a whole range of  items that I had not come across before. This bed is a single that she made for me and it even came with a lovely handmade mattress.
 On the dressing table is a tray of cosmetic goodies that I purchased from Dawn who has a fabulous Ebay shop filled with all sorts of glam goodies.
 I have to show off my wonderful shoes by Patrizia again because I just love them!!
 A picture of my dad doing what he loves best, singing, in a holiday camp talent show many years ago.
 This little man is a wonderful, jointed mohair teddy by Pat Kay that I was lucky enough to 'win' in a giveaway generously given by Linda of Dolls House Daydreams.
This gorgeous little number is by Minst and was a must have to hang on the bedroom door.
More pictures tomorrow of the living room.