Thursday, 15 July 2010

Flowers, Flowers everywhere and not a pot in sight..........

When I first discovered the miniatures world I started going to local fairs where I spent a lot of time and money on quite basic miniatures, mostly mass produced but hey, I didn't know any better!
Then on my first visit to Miniatura I was amazed that so many talented people were making such high quality pieces of such variety. I was even more amazed by what seemed then to be outrageous price tags and I still ended up buying safe, thing I had already seen on the Internet.
I remember going up to look at some ready prepared flowers which were beautiful and there was the most stunnin0 wisteria. I asked the price, £140, as we walked off I said to my husband, 'It's only paper I must be able to do that easily......' Ha!Ha!
Well as we all know nothing in this hobby is as easy as it looks and like everything else in life generally you get what you pay for. 
Having spent two days making these plants, from kits I can't even take credit for designing them, I am fully aware why that stunning wisteria had a price tag of £140. Plant making is very time consuming but also very satisfying and can make a difference to any dolls house scene.
It is also very addictive, once you make a yellow flower you want to make a white one, or greenery or a climber and so on! All my kits are from Kathryn of Templewood Miniatures and I find them very user friendly.
Oh does anyone know of any other websites that sell user friendly plant/flower kits? I would like to make a few more unusual ones.
So I haven't yet played with all the clay and wire suggestions so kindly offered to me, that will definitely be tackled tomorrow.
But I did get these in the post............
Very retro pull-along toys for my shop.
How cute are these, you can also buy them in kit form but I bought them made up. They are so reminiscent of the toys I remember from my childhood, they are just perfect.
And I also bought a log cabin for my dolls house floor which is a really honest little piece. All these come from etsy seller Twelfth Dimension and look right at home in my little Tudor Toy Shop.


  1. You've sure been busy at flower making! And I love those little toys, they really are like what I played with when small :)

  2. Great aren't they. I hope you like these flowers as it is the garden swop that has led me to tackle the flowers kits I seem to have accumulated!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I too have done a few kits from Kathryn Gray and loved the results but I was amazed at how easy flowers actually are following the techniques in the book I mentioned. The window boxes and flowers were made entirely with stuff I had in my craft stash. Feeding our addiction and saving money at the same time can't be bad!

  4. I think sometimes, it is only when we attemot to do something like this ourselves that we realize and appreciate the time and talent of others. In the past, I took many classes, hoping to make someting as good as the teacher's only to learn that her skill came over time. I still do make a lot of my minaitures but at heart, I am a collector, so now, when I see something beautiful that I'd like to have, I usually just buy it. :-)

  5. Your flowers are just gorgeous Janice and love your little toys too. I must have a go at flower-making soon and kits sound like the best option.

  6. The little toys are so cute! The flowers are of course beautiful!

  7. Lovely! - flowers makes such a difference to a setting!!
    Sweet toys, too!!

    I did a post a while ago with flowers and links, it may help -

    Glenda :)

  8. Really sweet little toys Janice and you've done a greatjob with the flower kits.I love templewood miniatures flower kits.
    julie xx

  9. Desde luego es un gran trabajo el de las flores y yo lo veo muy dificil,los juguetes son preciosos, y la cabaña es adorable

  10. Hi Janice, I have bought flowerkits from and They both have great kits :-)
    Hope you can make use of this information!
    By the way (and I should have said it at first) I love your flowers.

  11. Unas preciosas flores!!!
    Los arrastres son geniales!!
    Gracias por los enlaces
    besitos ascension

  12. hello Janice, your beautiful flowers, if you need pre-cut flowers that you will tell me I can get without spending much (
    Anyway a good site, laser-cut flowers that I can recommend is this Dutch but is now closed for holidays.
    muni hugs ♥

  13. Wow loads of flowers! Look great! The toys are so adorable!

  14. Janice Im dying to have a go at flower making, its something on my to do list!I have a lot of punches but think it may be safer to start with kits like yours and try that way first as I wouldnt have a clue where to start on making my own flowers and how to shape them etc!
    Youve got lots done and the new toys are fab! Kate xxx

  15. Hi Janice,

    I love your flowers and they look perfect, although My dandelions and lawn daisies to name 2 kits were from Templewood miniatures and I wouldn't say they were user friendly at all, moreso the daisies as the lawn daises were minute to say the least! lol

    I have 2 websites that I buy my flower kits and leaves from:

    and (it's closed for a couple of weeks though).

    Michelle xxx

  16. Hi ladies, thanks for all the encouragement. I really enjoy making some of the pieces for my houses it does give a sense of satisfaction.
    I have realised, like Tabitha, that there is a world of difference between me and the lady who made the wisteria. But, if I can make a few of my pieces, I can then buy some really good pieces from those much more talented than me!
    I will certainly follow all the links I have been given and hopefully find some more unusual plants.
    Plus look through the miniature plant book I definitely have somewhere.

  17. Hehe Janice, I still do buy commercial pieces :) and then I just bash them up and add my own take :). You are spot on about skills, you must hone them, practise and then they get better. I think your flowers are great. And you are such a sweetie to share all those links :).

    I have been wanting a wisteria cottage for the longest time. I may just use dried flowers

  18. Your links are just what I needed as I'm trying my hands on a garden, too! It's the first time and I really had no idea where to start.
    Does anybody know where I can buy an olive tree or a kit for one?


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