Thursday, 20 June 2013

Make Minis While the Rain Pours!!!

Still working my way through the contents of Slug & Jiggers but having fun on the way. These are the potion boxes I made using my fabulous table saw. I have stained and sanded them then added a highlight paint wash to match the colour of Morticia Adams' Love Potions with complimentary taster!!
 Then I started to tackle the brown paper parcels inspired by Jenn Hatt of Looking Glass Miniatures. These are simply bits of balsa off cuts covered in baking/parchment paper. Then I printed of some packaging strips and labels.
 These items are for the display table in the shop. I wanted to make sure it had both a front and side view. The boxed syringe is a a fabulous piece by the ever so talented and creative Erika Van Horn with its tiny bottle of blood. I can't remember where I got the tall chemist's bottle but the wonderfully tiny but perfectly shaped brass funnel is by Tiny Ter Miniatures.

 The leaning towers of parcels!!
The table in place and how it will be seen as the door panel opens. Another job jobbed! 
Oh and I have also filled the boxes above the downstairs windows with dragon's eggs in a bed of green moss. These are actually Japanese crackers but seemed the perfect size and colour!
I am waiting for a parcel from the US at the moment that I really need to arrive soon as I need it to finish of the shop area.
Plus I am putting off a return to making potion bottles! If the parcel doesn't arrive tomorrow it will be potions and window dressing time permitting.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Despite the Poor Summer the Garden Has Been Calling But........

I have been doing some bits and pieces. I filled the upper floor with all the stuff I have been collecting and placed it willy nilly to try and give it and untidy air of chaos. I am really hoping I will be able to replicate this dis-order as I go along and fight the urge for co-ordination and tidiness.
There will obviously be a lot more gloop and sticky messes once I start dressing the furniture.
 So my plan is to get all the printies finished. This sounds like a five minute job but the amount of labels needed just to make a small pile is ridiculous. So I trawl google images print them off, burn the edges of some, sort them into size and then glue them in small stacks.
 Then I have glued the small stacks together in order to make a tower of labels. I have also been making tons of scrolls and manuscripts ready for shelf filling. Lots of cutting and gluing!!
 I also played with the idea of making opened paper packing for some of the items being delivered to the Slug & Jiggers potion room. I took a couple of Potter printies and covered them in PVA back and front. Then I screwed them into a loose ball and unfurled them carefully into a scrunched up shape. They have hardened quite well and are ready to be cut to size and filled with odd ingredients.
 This is my first full, un-coordinated and untidy shelf. It has a selection of everything. Potion bottles by Kastle Kelm and Nikki Rowe. A skull and bottle of spitits by Julie Lawton of Cottage Kitty, Julie makes a whole range of fabulous miniatures do visit her Ebay site. 
I have also recently received this fabulous cart in the post all the way from Italy. I saw it on the stand of Cinen Miniatures but walked away with a few of their shabby chic pieces. When I returned later it had been sold but the lovely sellers agreed to make me another. I think this will look great on Diagon Alley. I will probably change it a little bit but the quality and shape is just right.
 It seemed a strange piece to be sold on the stand of an Italian miniaturist as I always associate chestnut stands with London winter streets from my childhood. When I was young my mum would take me up to Oxford Street in December to buy my winter coat from C&A's and visit Gamages toy shop to buy my Christmas doll. The chestnut vendors and their hot braziers would be on every street corner and the smell was delicious.
This cart is perfect for a Harry Potter scene and will always make me think of those childhood trips.