Wednesday, 14 July 2010

At Last Home Alone With My Minis....

First of all I would like to thank everyone who answered my cry for help. I have received lots of suggestions and tips for creating branches and vines so I will be having a day of trying them all out to see which one I can actually manage! I will experiment patiently and not expect perfect results from my first attempts! Honest!
  Had some time alone yesterday and today so I managed to get some work done on my garden swop and the toyshop. This shows the dolls house maker's workshop at the top of the house. I am trying to make as many of the accessories for this scene as possible.from scraps I have around my workshop. I realised quite quickly that that the balsa needed to be very thin, one batch of work in the bin....., and this type of balsa is very delicate. I did manage to make a couple of boxes, a palate and some mock dolls house wall sheets. I have also prepared lots of printies of wallpaper etc for the discerning dolls house buyer, mini style of course.
I have also been cutting up mini bricks, slate, wood flooring and wooden pieces. I had a couple of paper trunks that I think were used as packaging for minis I was sent, so I have painted these and matched them up with the toy boxes I painted the other day. I hope to fill them wall paper and wooden 'mouldings'.
My whitewood furniture arrived from Rob Lucas and I painted and distressed the final pieces for the shop. So now I can take my time and add the toys as I see them and finish the project slowly, not in my unusual mad rush! It is quite hard to find 144th pieces of furniture so I will be scouring the fairs and Internet.
I have also purchased this classic wizard from the talented Julie Campbell of Bella Belle Dolls. He is fab and I will be adding him to my Diagon Alley stash but I want to keep him on display rather than hide him away for two years!!


  1. The wizard is just fab! And I really like the process of your toyshop!:)

  2. This is looking good Janice! You can use basswood or obeche wood. Both are hard but very fine and easier to work than balsa. Here's a link to some.

    Maple Street do a good range of 1/144th scale furniture and bathrooms too. I need some myself as I have a 1/144 scale dolls house kit (by Templewood Miniatures) that I have yet to make!

    I don't have a wizard yet! Yours is fab! :o))

    Michelle xx

  3. Hi Michelle, thanks for the suggestion I will have to take a look. I didn't realise they stocked this smal
    definitely need to look at different woods to as I want to make a centre piece for the middle floor a bit like a tiered flower stand for toys.

  4. The shop is looking great, I love the shade of red you've used :) And that wizard is just fabulous, love it :)

    I'll take your package to the post tomorrow :)

  5. Your shop is looking great and I love your wizard :0)
    Julia xxx

  6. I like the look of your toy shop already, the furniture is perfect, bright but with a nice little bit of rustic!

  7. Te esta quedando genial y los tonos rojos quedan perfectos.
    Me encanta tu personaje.
    besitos ascension

  8. I love your wizard, but then I love each and every one of the Julie's dolls.

    What a fantastic idea to have a dolls house maker's workshop in the attic. The detail you have already put into the room is amazing x


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