The Shabby Chic Cottage

This is an old Sid Cooke house I was lucky enough to buy on Ebay. I decided to decorate it to match my newly decorated living room in 2013. it has the same colour palette and Laura Ashley wallpaper. I was really pleased with how this turned out and it is more or less finished although I am sure I will add a few bits and pieces as time goes by.
 This is how it arrived.....
....built and primed. Perfect. 
 Two rooms, small but perfectly formed.
 A clean, bright and crisp bedroom.
 Still a few things to finish off.
 Adding detail a piece at a time
 If Chanel No.5 was good enough for Marilyn I guess it's good enough for me.
 A girl can never have too many Patrizia Santi shoes.
 Teddy by Pat Kay.
 Perfect for that special party.
 Love the over sized hydrangea.
 Pride of place now the decorating has finished in all scales.
 My parents wedding day along with my two grand-mothers, 1957 St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington, London. I lived in Stoke Newington until 1988.
A little black pug by Sarah Hendry. She may find a new home later.
 Custom made sofa by Jill Lucas which was the final piece for the living room.
 Love the way this has all come together.
Of course the bed had to have a couple of extra cushions.
I will try to add all the artisans whose work has made this little project so successful but in the meantime simply search 'shabby chic' on my blog and you should be able to find all the individual miniaturists. 
Any questions just ask......

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