Monday, 19 July 2010

New Beginnings, starting from the bottom......

This is where my next big adventure will start. A couple of weeks ago I had some work done in the house by my lovely builder Mark. While he was here I got him to lay the foundation for my Diagon Alley project. This project is going to sit on the bay window of my front room and so I asked him to line it with MDF and lay these fabulous slate tiles.
I found them in a local cut price tile shop and thought they were just the thing for a cobblestone effect. My husband nearly had a fit when he came in from work and saw it but he has come round now! I think it will  look superb when it is finished but I haven't decided if they need sealing or not. At the moment they look very natural and if I seal them they may become too shiny.
In for a penny and in for a pound, I also got Mark to tile the street in my work room. Not so flashy but I think it works.
The black tiles finish the look of this area and as most of the work top is under the houses I chose a much cheaper tile. I will paint the edge eventually, a winter job......
I also intend for the alley to be a bustling place full of life, post He Who Must Not Be Named so I am intending to have lots of characters in the shops and in the street to bring it to life. 
With that in my mind here are two of its latest residents
Two of Jayne's wonderful wacky plants. These will be going in my 'Roots and Shoots' herbologist's shop. The photos do not do them justice the detail is superb. Jayne also sent me a little gift, lots of sticky notelets and tabs. Ideal for making notes and lists, and I do like a list!
The sun is still shining here in the south but my son, who is staying in the Lake District has told me the weather has not been good for the last couple of days, so I intend to make the most of the lovely weather while I can. Which definitely means no house work but lots of mini - ing in the garden!


  1. Still shining here too Janice, its really hot today! So funny as soon as I saw your first picture and the tiles I thought wow what did your husband say to that! and then lo and behold you answered me!I think it looks great and with all the houses will look pretty amazing. Will it block out much light on your window though with the whole alley ? I adore the plants, you chose the colour I loved that peach! Jaynes plants are completly addictive! ive got one more here to show off and another in the making too!!We all have good taste Kate xx

  2. I think it's a great idea, I particularly like the tiles in the bay! I don't have very deep bay windows in this house...gosh I made so many mistakes moving to this house! lol

    Arh, your shops aren't huge, mine are a tiny bit bigger, hence why I'm not or can't have so many! lol

    Jayne's flowers are the best and I love them to bits! I love Audrey in her tin! ;o))

    It's humid and sunny here (well it was today) and it's still 19c now at 22.00.

    Michelle xxx

  3. Hi Kate and Michelle, now he's got over the shock my husband has forgotten all about the cobblestones as I knew he would.
    I am going for small shops to avoid them being too tall with a view to still letting in light.
    To be honest this room is north facing anyway so it never gets full sun.
    I think I will have a couple of double fronted houses for bigger shops like Flourish and the Menagerie, the others will have false interior doors to give the impression of size.
    I agree that the flowers are addictive! Then again I do like a set!

  4. I love your tiles -- simply the most gorgeous stuff I've ever seen. What a grand idea, having the set up in your bay window!

    Personally, I love the tiles just as they are. I think they look so natural and the colours are stunning.

  5. Thank you Mezzo, I think this will be the quickest part of the project! I am really pleased with the look and glad I took the plunge.

  6. Love the Diagon Alley tiling!!! What a brilliant way to bring it all together right from the start!!

  7. everytime i look at you blog, it makes me want to get a dollhouse asap! yours looks wonderful!

  8. I love this idea,its inspired janice !
    What a perfect way to use your bay window :0)
    The tiles are wonderul, and itwill be such a fab display,
    julie xxx

  9. Those tiles are fab! And I love the idea to put the houses in the bay window :) And your shoppings are wonderful :)

  10. Un gran trabajo con esas tejas, te han quedado muy reales, me encanta el tono que tienen, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  11. I love your tiles, they look amazing, as does your whole street. Jayne's flowers are amazing and your new ones are brilliant. I really need to save my pennies for some more for Gertie.
    Julia xxx

  12. Oh my...what a most splendid idea. I'd never have thought of that but it looks amazing.

    I want a bay window now :-(

    Audrey and Nanci look like they are settling in and behaving themselves :-)


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