Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wow! The Big 300, When Did That Happen?!

I have just noticed tonight that my numbers have topped the 300 landmark.
Wow, how did that happen?!
In celebration of this momentous and very pleasing occasion I would like to give all my followers an opportunity to take part in a floral give away.
As you know I am essentially a collector ( I like to shop, what can I say...), but I do dabble with various types of miniature making, including flowers and plants.
My 300+ giveaway will be for some of my potted flowers. All you have to do is: be a follower of this blog, leave a comment on this post and wait for the draw.
The draw will take place on Friday the 19th of August.
If you let me know what type of project you have eg. spooky, Tudor or shabby chic I can pot your plants in suitable pots or containers......hopefully!!
Anyway, the top photo shows some of my collection of plants by lots of very talented people alongside some of my own to get you in the mood for entering.
I am sure you can spot the wonderfully spooky plants of Tallulah Belle, Lory's magical toadstools, Tara's Wonderland rose and a dragon's circle from Nicky.
Here are some more of my past pieces to give some idea of what to expect. They are mostly made from kits which I buy from Fine Flowers in Miniature

It will give me great pleasure knowing that a few of my pieces will be part of another enthusiast's project  so if you have a small space for a plant please join in the floral fun!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Not Much But It Was A Lovely Few Hours........

When I make flowers I like to have the pots or containers ready and waiting to avoid them getting damaged. It also means I can match the foliage to the size of the pot. I will also try to co-ordinate the colours usually but this time I have done a whole batch in blacks, browns and gold all destined for Diagon Alley.
 These beautifully shaped pots are from Braxton Payne a fabulous US company who make all shapes and sizes. I have painted them with black acrylic and then simply rubbed them with a favourite product of mine Rub 'n' Buff
It comes in a huge range of colours and is so easy to use.
 These two bottles will eventually have lids and labels for either potions or some witchy brew. They are teeny and I bought them ages ago from My Tiny World, who do a whole range of clay pots and vases, as well as a huge miniatures range.
I still have a few left for different colours.
 I found a very basic blue and white ceramic set hidden away in a drawer. I must have bought it when I bought my daughter's dolls house 13 years ago. This large mug is one of the items, painted, rubbed and steampunked. I love it!!
 These are two large 'flat' bowls from Braxton Payne. They are gorgeous even before painting and are perfect for cactus I think. Or maybe bones?
 They have again simply been painted, rubbed and buffed or had gold detail added.
 I am really pleased with how they have turned out. I was patient with all the painting, making sure each layer dried completely. I haven't sealed any of them as they will never be handled very much.
Now I must get down to flower making!
While I had all the stuff to hand I played with these little bits and pieces. Perfect for adding to the shelves of the Leaky Cauldron.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It's Been a While....But I Have Been shopping of Course!!

I have long admired the work of Christine of Dandelion Fair but whenever I have looked in her Etsy Store I seemed to miss the listings.
Since the arrival of my new baby, Lily, I seem to collapse at the end of the day only fit for an hour of internet flicking and I was lucky enough to spy this teeny chap.
Many years my Great-Aunt Nell used to knit and crochet all sorts of wonderful toys and as we grew up she kept on knitting for all the children in her street. She was a real gem of a lady and I have a soft spot for knitted toys.
This little chap will fit in my toyshop nicely.
Now for something completely different.......we are taking Lily to the seaside! So exciting, especially as there will be no flying or foreign currency involved.
I am going to the North Yorkshire coast not far from Scarborough. I have never visited this area before but it looks beautiful.
So, where should we go? All advice gratefully received, remembering we will be travelling with a baby, I mean a puppy!!
We have rented a fabulous looking barn conversion from English Country Cottages a company that we have used quite a lot. Two priorities for me were Wi-Fi and a modern interior, so I think this place will be a success.
Not all of it! Only part......
but it looks yummy! Even if it pours down with rain we should be able to be comfortable.
Hard floors are also a plus, if it is really muddy and the puppy pees.
So, where are the best places to visit? Local dolls house shops would definitely be a big plus!!

Friday, 1 July 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things..........Part 5, Traci Howard

A lot of us seem to have a soft spot for dragons, so I thought I would show my little collection of tiny dragons by Traci Howard of Feythcrafts
 These hand carved baby dragons are all curled up in their own shells.
 This one in a walnut shell.....
 .......and this really teeny one is in a large acorn cap. 
 Traci also carves little eleven and goblin creatures. I could not resist this little chappie napping in his very comfortable itchy ball shell. Aren't his feet fabulous, I just want to tickle them!
 This very special dragon was made for me by Traci after I saw her larger dragon pieces. She kindly agreed to make me a 12th scale creature. He is simply gorgeous and sleeps on the bed of my witch at the moment. Eventually he will be displayed on the window ledge so everyone can admire him.
After receiving him I knew I had to ask Traci to make me one more. I wanted a sitting dragon for outside one of my shops. He would be on a lead and waiting patiently for his witch to finish looking at all the wonderful dresses.
 I know Traci was very worried about this magnificent beast as all her dragons are usually lying down. I am sure you will agree he is perfect
Look at that cute face. The perfect pet for a witch with aspirations!!! Plus by the look of the claws a serious guard dragon too.
Most of these pieces will find their way into the secret top floor room of my Magical Menagerie, where all things dragon will be tucked away for only the most trusted customers!!