Monday, 5 July 2010

The Design Emporium Interior........The Showroom

The main showroom on the ground floor is the show case for all the marvellous chairs that started this project off. This wonderful recliner has recently been joined by one of Glenda's wonderful rugs, which has added a warm but stylish texture. The cubes are from DHE and are filled with beads or dolls house object d'art!
Again the lighting is from Elf Miniatures and another gorgeous rug from Glenda. I have used card toppers again for my wall art but recently I found some mini canvas so I might try creating my own modern art for the walls. Something else to add to the 'To Do....' list!
This is the discreet and stylish sales desk tucked at the back. Of course it has to follow the scheme and blend in seamlessly. The desk, red laptop, printer and office chair are from Elf Miniatures while the white stools and flowers are from DHE.
 The right hand side of the showroom with some iconic chairs. I would like to accessorise a little bit more without destroying the clean background for the chairs. One of my faults is that I always rush to finish when really this is the time to step back and pause.....I am learning though, which is why I have stepped away from the witch house for a while so I don't just cram everything in in my haste to finish.
That is one of the joys of this hobby though, the constant learning processes which mean we can watch our own progress. 
This third project felt very successful and I loved putting it together, but in my heart I am also a collector, if I like the work of a particular miniaturist I tend to collect their pieces and create a  project around them. Essentially I like to shop! 


  1. Wonderful project, Janice. Is anything ever really "finished"? You will be finding things to add for some time to come, I am sure!

  2. The shop is really fab :) And I have also the problem of rushing things and have to learn also to take time for some planning and thinking :D

  3. This looks incredible! I love it. :)

  4. Wow, Janice!! So refreshing!!
    I'm having a little happy here to see my rugs in situ, and in such a groovy setting, too!

    My main problem I think is to do the 'less is more' thing - it's so tempting to show off all the treasured minis at once! And I certainly don't have any problems with rushing things, I'm at the other end of the scale of having trouble starting!

  5. Wow! This is really cool! Love the furniture and the layout of the room. A brilliant project! :)

  6. Hola, me gustaría comprar poco a poco muebles modernos para la casita de muñecas de mi hija. No puedo traducir tu blog porque no tienes esa opcion. Me gustaría entender todo lo que pones y si vendes las cositas. Besos

  7. This is room is so lovely and refreshing in a very realistic setting. Thank you for sharing.


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