Thursday, 5 May 2011

One Little Puppy and Not Enough Time!

Shhhhhhh, she's asleep! Thank the Lord!
I have decided that it should be made a legal requirement that all these women who get past 50 and decide that they want a baby should have to take care of a puppy for at least 3 months before any treatment is allowed. 
This will let them know that there is a reason a woman's fertility drops beyond a certain age.....looking after babies is exhausting, immensely time consuming and no matter what your partner tells you before the puppy/baby arrives - you are on your own honey!
I am convinced that all these terrible doctors making lots of money from very foolish women would be a lot poorer!
Well that's my gripe of the day! 
And of course Lily is a lovely puppy and is proving to be fun for all of us but gosh it's a lot more hard work than I had expected. 
I have not been near a proper mini in two weeks but I have got lots of gardening done as we seem to spend a lot of time out doors in an attempt to encourage house training.
 Terrible picture I know but we had to take it! 
The strange thing is that all the problems I had expected to deal with haven't really happened, crying at night, having to let her out to pee at night, separation anxiety and general scaredy-ness.
She is far too confident if anything and has a tendency to chew on anything that moves, mostly our feet!
 The only time she is unhappy is when she has a bath, definitely not a favourite past time despite me falling for the ultimate in designer dog shampoo....
I just couldn't resist us having matching hair products, although mine is the "Dumb Blonde" version which seems pretty fitting!
 I have the feeling it is going to be a long summer but now all the bank holidays are more or less out of the way I hope to get back into some sort of routine. 
I think small tasks will probably be the best things to tackle. Maybe flower kits, book making, painting window frames, that sort of thing. These only need a few bits and bobs and can easily be done in the garden if this lovely weather continues, fingers crossed!
I have also decided to try out a bit of 'grow your own' in my very small garden. This will keep both me and the dog busy as I attempt to dig and she attempts to divest me of my gardening gloves or fork or plant or ..........
I am starting very simply with tomatoes, french beans, lettuces and chilli peppers. Plus a few herbs and a  gooseberry plant which I am going to try and keep alive in patio containers. 
As I am usually the kiss of death to all things green it could make the summer a bit more interesting!

Oh, I have a doggie question too. Is it normal for your sweet, if very active puppy, to turn into a devil pup for what can only be described as a 'mad half hour'? During which time she jumps around like a maniac trying to chew, nip, bite or chase everything in her vicinity. 
After which she collapses and sleeps for an hour.
Is the answer a padded cell and large drink? For me I mean!


  1. Es adorable!!!
    Es normal que no te deje trabajar, esta lleno de energia y tiene que gastarla jejeje
    Es bueno que juegue mucho y se canse, asi tendras mas tiempo para ti.
    De todas maneras lo que ha conseguido es que pases mas tiempo en tu jardin y puedas ocuparte de el jejeje.
    Seguro que ira calmandose con la edad (como nos pasa a todos no?) jejeje
    besitos ascension

  2. Such a lovely puppy :-)! I think I would kiss her the whole day,so cute is her face. To your question:My dog is six year and has this crazy moments every day,lol.It's a question of character I think,but these moments make our days, or ?! :-) Hugs,Jeannette

  3. LOL this made me laugh! I did think you'd have your work cut out, but it all sound like great fun! You may have a year of this! :o))

    All my cats have had mad half an hours (my current one still does!), usually at night and when they are tired and sometimes hungry too - just like babies! ;o))

    Tomatoes will be your hardest plant of the ones you are growing from seed? Though fine and easy when they are mature.:O))

    Michelle xx

  4. Just tell you that I never have pained so much my knees as 8 years ago when my little Kuketa (miniature poodle) was a few months ... but instead I spent the day laughing!
    I give you a little tip: Teach her how to behave without screaming but firmly(your voice is enough), is a good investment for the future, she will learn everything now, and will never forget.
    Puppies grow very fast, so enjoy her now!

  5. Your post made me laugh Janice, try having two little bundles, of puppy fluff tearing around the place. We did with Moses and Storm, and being Border Collies they were into everything. Every single one of my Kitchen Chairs has either been chewed or has teeth marks on them. But for all their manic behaviour, I for one wouldn't be without them. Enjoy her why she's tiny, it doesn't last long, well unless your a Newfoundland, cause he's just a big baby. xxx

  6. Lily is a cutie! Having a puppy is right up there with having a baby in my book. I give my Annie lots of exercise to ward off the evil fits LOL. Different breeds have different exercise requirements. Annie is 1 1/2 now and is finally acting more like a dog than a puppy so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I moved my work area so I could spend more time with her and keep an eye on her. Be sure to give Lily toys that she can tear up and she knows are hers. It is all worth it like Debbie says, dogs give you so much happiness, love you no matter what and think you are the best.

    Hugs to you and Lily
    Victoria ❤

  7. Thanks for all your comments ladies. I am not quite on the doggie plane yet but I am sure I will get there!
    At the moment it is a little daunting and I am terrified that I will have a dog that bites everyone in sight.
    I have booked our place at the local puppy party for her to meet other dogs of her own age.....I can't believe I'm writing that......and we are booked in for puppy training which I understand is the puppy equivalent of nursery! It will be swimming lessons and tumble tots next!
    How anyone copes with two puupies at once I don't know, hats off to you Debbie!
    Now I am off to watch "It's Me or the Dog" for tips!!

  8. They do have a spazz attack as I call it once a day or more! She's lovely. The best way to socialize her is to take her everywhere you go if at all possible, it really does work! Good luck!

  9. Janice, Lily sounds perfectly normal and no she won't bite everyone in later life. Puppies need to chew, just as babies do and when she is around 16 weeks you will find baby teeth here and there, unless she swallows them!!!!
    Great idea to do puppy classes they need to socialise. You sound like you are coping just fine and they love routine just as children do. I'm having pangs of jealousy, but would not want a baby though!!!! Jain x

  10. Oh, that's one adorable baby face!
    For persistent licking or nipping be just as persistent, turn your hand and give a gentle bump against her nose with the back of your hand while saying "NO" sternly but not loudly.
    My most reliable dogs have been house-trained by using 'pee pads' - a folded towel on a waterproof tray or some such in each room becomes the toilet station. I have a large stack of dog towels, easily thrown in the washing machine. As the pup becomes reliable the stations are slowly moved toward the external door while gradually reducing the number of stations. Finally the last station is moved outside and eventually dispensed with. I tried this method when too ill to cope with constant trips outdoors and found it far less stressful than being constantly on the watch so I always used it now. Heheh, if I leave a towel outside the back door for wiping shoes in wet weather one of my towel trained dogs, aged 6, will still occasionally use it!

  11. PS: Two puppies is twice as much fun and they play with one another which gives you a break! They're always company for one another when you are out and are less likely to fret if kennelled when you're on holiday.

  12. He he, know that feeling well! Bella was a very good pup and we have been lucky that she is just not a chewy one at all, leaves all shoes, slippers, toys alone , just not bothered.....the downside being she much prefers to chew our hands and feet! She always had a mad half hour and still does if she dosnt get her run. Once Lily can have a good run about and maybe wear herself out with other dogs to play with Im sure she will drop this. We are surprised to find Bella is in her first heat already at 6 months and she is clingy and having some erratic moments so thats something we didnt count on so early! All that to come! It does get easier , that baby stage relaxes as they get into routines but just like children I think they have lots of different phases! Have fun with the little poppet! At least your lucky with her size, Bella is now a giant and I can walk her shes too powerful for me! Kate xxx


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