Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lily Would Like to Say Thank You.....

 A big "Thank You!!" to everyone who has commented and email-ed my new mummy with both encouragement and much needed advice recently.
Poor Mummy is a little shell-shocked but is getting better every day. At the very least she has stopped putting me in the bath every other day and I have nearly persuaded her that puppies only eat roasted chicken fillets.
I haven't quite got the hang of not treating everyone like a chew stick and the garden seems like a long way away when a puppy needs to pee but sitting down does seem to bring nice treats and makes everyone happy!!
I had my second injection today but we still have to stay in the garden for another two weeks. Which is just as well as I am not fit to be seen at the moment. I have a huge bald spot on my back from being micro-chipped. Now is that any way for a puppy princess to be presented to the world!


  1. Awwww! lol I LOVE Lily's message! ;o)))))

    I've never had a dog but I did think that bathing a puppy probably wasn't required. ;o) I'm sure the roast chicken fillets have gone done a treat, my cat love prawns, duck and salmon!

    The photo's are wonderful too!! ;o))

    Wonderful post!
    Michelle xxx
    Any cat that goes out is micro chipped in my house too,so it makes every sense to get Lily done too!

  2. Oh, my goodness, that picture and pup are absolutely adorable! :)

  3. She's adorable! If you take her outside the minute she wakes up from a nap and as soon as she eats and keep her out there until she does her "business" she will learn much more quickly. Hope this helps.

  4. Oh my goodness, how could you not melt and hand over the roast chicken fillets!! Adorable!!

    I've been missing post notifications from here for a while (again) GRRR so I'm catching up a bit. I say your link to Natalie's blog so I'm going to take a look.

    Hugs from Downunder :)

  5. Hi ladies, we are getting there but gosh it is constant at the moment which despite all my research I simply was not prepared for at all!
    The weather here has been marvellous and that has really helped as we have spent a lot of time in the garden but I am having mini withdrawls and keep looking in my workshop hopefully!

    Now all I need to do is train the husband not to give in to her every whim because she looks so cute and is so funny!

  6. Lily will learn quickly ;) Take Deb's advice and potty training will be a breeze. It is so hard to not spoil them


  7. I just get up and was where very tired.But by the pictures of your little sweet puppy I began to smile :-))) Jeannette xxx

  8. I would give into her too easily too Janice, shes the cutest little baby bundle! Bella only likes our food, since I gace her leftovers of spag bol, pasta and chicken etc , now she leaves her food, for want of what we have, so its also like having another adult to feed in the house!They are not cheap, not easy, but sooooo worth it!! Kate xxx

  9. Had a better day today but still not got near my work room!
    I am back to baby days....she settles for a nap and I run around like a mad
    thing making beds, sorting the washing and attempting a bit of cleaning!

  10. Oh my...she is sooooo cute. Look in her eyes, she trusts and loves you!
    Karin xxx

  11. She is just sooo cute! They are like having a baby around.... Enjoy it! It will all be over before you know it!

  12. I love your new baby dog. I had a black pug too. She was Josie. Your Lily is wonderful. Thanks so much for you kind comment on my blog. I'm really having a hard time with my kids growing up. It is nice to know I'm not alone. Mini hugs~ Kim


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