Thursday, 19 May 2011

Better Late Than Never!........Kensington 2011

Best laid plans and all that, but I can at last sit down and put a post together. As mentioned before I have a set pattern when I go to Kensington and Miniatura. First to Anne Willis of Fine Design  for an owl before she sells out. Then on to Sarah Hendry of Pocket People for a cat and kitten maybe. Then to Michael Mortimer of Nine to look at his marvellous furniture. 
Then I go to the stand of Jain Squires and Julie Campbell. This time I was blown away by the the huge range of dolls these two talented ladies had on show and my budget went completely out of the window. 
I just couldn't resist buying these fabulous characters from Jain 
and believe me I could have bought more!
I have included lots of photographs so you can see the incredible detail of each character.
My first choice had to be this pedlar witch. She is ideal for Diagon Alley up from the country to sell her wares.
 I especially liked her back pack full of pumpkins.
 Jain always seem to think in 360 degrees so her characters have interest from every angle which makes them even more special.
 Her tray is brimming with all sorts of magical pieces and she seems a very happy witch. 
I saw this wonderful character on Jain's blog a few months ago and thought it was destined for a lucky collector.
Now in her full glory on Jain's stand I could not resist her!
 The only excuse I have is that I have learned that if I don't buy the ideal piece when I see it I may never get another chance......yeah, I know it didn't work on the husband either!
 The truth is I just had to have her because she was so vibrant and colourful.
 Even her hat is stuffed full of goodies.
 I am sure that all the Hogwart students would be stocking up on sweeties as well as books.
 A full tray of candies set to make your fillings tingle!
With two witches destined for the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley it seemed only right to choose a wizard to accompany them.
 I chose this character because he was so different to the usual wizard with robes and beards.
 My Alley is post 'He Who Must Not Be Named' so this scarred and troubled wizard is perfect.
 Who knows what terrible events led to his injuries.
Perhaps the silver frog is a clue to his special role or skills. 
I was also sorely tempted by the three 'Alice' characters that Jain had on show. I loved the darkness of Alice and could see her in a really surreal tea party........
But I resisted having absolutely no plans for any Wonderland projects and the whole of the fair still to get round!
I will probably regret my resisting in the future but I will hopefully still be married!!


  1. I love your witches and wizard!!! They are all so unique, I can't wait to see them in their new homes :0


  2. Thanks Victoria. I am a very lucky lady to be able to bring home such wonderful pieces.
    jain's work is incredible.

  3. How wonderfully different from anything else they all are and so perfect for your Diagon Alley. I love how full of character each is.

  4. Fab pictures Janice. Glad you like them. He is a frog specialist, the book he carries is his frog notebook, with frog spells as well. Jain xx ps Hope Lily is ok.

  5. Oooh I spied both of these on Julie's pictures and predicted you would have bought them Janice and I was right! I would have too! The peddler dolls are perfect for Diagon Alley and the wizard is a definate HP shop keeper, just as I would want one for a shop, I dont think they would have elaborate robes etc,but be dressed just like this, hes magnificent! fantastic, and may I say to your husband from one of Jains dolls addicts to another, definate MUST HAVES!!! I love the new Alice dolls too and they are perfect for a darker tea party scene, if its something you were going to do in the future then Id say another great buy too! xxxx

  6. me encanta la bruja con las golosinas. Besos

  7. I love the first witch the's her face, I always go for faces and er eyes! I've always struggled with Jain's dolls...I can never choose which one I love more over another! lol Fabulous buys Janice and who cares the budget went of of the window....KDF is only twice a year!!!!

    The sweet seller is very similar to the one Jain had on her blog but it's not the same one. Both are wonderful! ;o)) Just incase you think I am madder than ever here's the link: :o)))

    Michelle xx

  8. I know, I know..... I am so predictable! I just couldn't resist them.

    Hi Jain, I really should wear my glasses then I would have picked up the book clue! Maybe he should go in the Magical Menagerie? I think I agree with Kate he should be one of the shop keepers who held out after the death eaters ransacked the alley.

    Hi Michelle, you are so right as usual. Gosh you have an eye for detail!

  9. I have a real soft spot for pedlar dolls. I like that you will have more than 1 roaming the streets at the Alley. They are both just as fab as the other. Hard to choose one.

  10. Love them all Janice. But the Peddler Witch at the top is my favourite. Great additions to your collection, looking forward to seeing them in their settings.
    Hope your Fur Baby is being good, she is


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