Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Just When I Thought I Might Get In My Workroom......

We went to Sheffield yesterday to see my daughter who is coming to the end of her second year studying Archeology. This visit was planned to collect most of her 'stuff' as she is off to travel around Europe as soon as her last exam is finished.
Very clever girlie. Get Mum to come up to see me, buy me lunch and then take home all my dirty washing!!!
We had a marvellous day. Took Lily in her new car crate
from Pets at Home. Marvellous piece of kit as she was driving me mad in the car. Now she sits in her carrier and doesn't jump about like a mad thing.
I also found a dog friendly pub in a nearby village The Rockingham Arms,
in the village of Wentworth. The village itself was so pretty and I would have loved to explore it more but it was pouring down all the time we were there.
These charming cottages were in the rightly named Paradise Square.
We will definitely be going back again. The food at the pub was great and the bars were full of locals with their dogs which made us feel very comfortable with our new addition!
So now I have days of washing, drying and ironing ahead of me. I know, I know, I should just pile it in her room for when she returns but I can't. I am just not made to leave a mess behind a closed door, it will bother me. Plus she won't do it properly, well not my way!
Ok, I'm controlling, what can I say.
My other problem for the week is that my father is at last, well my fingers are still crossed, going in to hospital to have a replacement hip operation. It has already been cancelled twice so we are not holding our breath until Thursday. Poor old sod has been waiting since last October, in pain and more or less house bound.
My mum doesn't drive so I will be on call for a few weeks to take her out and about. I am beginning to think I will have to get up with the birds in order to find some time to myself!!
Still I am enjoying reading everyone's blogs and even have some time now to post comments. There is life after Lily......and the washing......and the cat ( but that's a different story! )........and elderly parents......


  1. Your daughter is the only other student I know who's studying Archeology...such a rare subject to study or hear about! My Nephew is in his first year, he's doing History too.

    My Dad has had many hip replacements...in both hips. I hope all goes well for your Dad and makes a speedy recovery, not a nice operation to have in the least!

    I've had loads of Blogger problems, they've seem to have settled down now and I'm back in Blogland! lol

    Michelle xx

  2. Good luck with the laundry pile! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your father.

  3. Oooh lovely pub, great to find dog friendly places, not many about! You sound a busy bee thats for sure, looking forward to seeing your projects soon though! xxx

  4. Hi ladies, this is my father's second but he is a lot older since his first op. I am sure he will be fit and ready in a couple of months.

  5. What a lovely village Wentworth looks. I'd miss things like this if it wasn't for people like yourself posting them. The cottages look so nice. I've never seen anything remotely like them up here.

    I hope your dad is ok too.

  6. This pub is wonderful. I would love to have something like that as a miniature.



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