Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Day of Freedom!........The Kensington Dolls House Festival 2011

I took a whole day off from the puppy on Friday to attend the Kensington Dolls House Festival. This is my favourite show as it doesn't take me too long to travel there and the range of exhibitors is amazing. There are always a lot of artisans from Europe at this show and I really enjoy looking at the different types of styles.
Two artisans that I do not remember seeing before were Gerd Felka from Germany who had the most beautiful collection of glass pieces, including some miniature bottles in very interesting shapes; and Elizabeth Causeret. I am not sure why I have not noticed Elizabeth's work before as it is absolutely perfect for the mini projects I have been working on for the last two years!
 I had already been more than a little naughty by the time I got to Elizabeth's display so I only bought these three pieces but I could have bought a whole lot more!
 The cask and drip cup were perfect for the bar of The Leaky Cauldron. The cup is so fine and delicate, amazing work.
The pitcher too looks perfect on my new pub table by Michael Mortimer. Unfortunately Elizabeth does not seem to have a website so you can't see the huge range of perfectly formed stoneware she produces but a lot of her pieces are sold by Swan House Miniatures in the US, the prices here are an awful lot more than I paid though. 
I now have a collection of miniature artisans whose stands I visit as soon as I arrive at either Kensington or Miniatura.
There are two main reasons why I highlight where these stands are on my map: firstly, they are always very popular and can sell out of certain pieces very quickly, secondly, I know I will want to buy particular items from them and have learnt that cash can disappear very quickly from my hot little hands at these fairs. So I now make sure I visit my favourites first.
 Michael Mortimer is always highlighted for me now as he produces such beautifully made oak pieces.
 This pub table and chairs were just what I wanted for the front area of The Leaky Cauldron.
Again they are perfectly scaled and will soon be full of wizard good cheer!
Another artist whose work I cannot resist is that of Sarah Hendry of Pocket People. She makes both cats and dogs all of which are then hand painted in the most amazing detail.
 This time I decided on a tabby cat and playful kitten.
Light was pretty poor today but I hope you can see the detail in the coats and expressions of these cats. I have been slowly building a collection of Sarah's cats for a while now and never tire of looking at them. For me she is the best miniature cat artisan I have come across because I like the sculpted look rather than the furry kind. 
Sarah does not have a website but will always email pictures of the cats she has available and send by post.
As I have not made anything for a while now due to the new arrival, I did feel a little stir-crazy at the fair, which means I have lots of things to show......but at the moment I will finish with yet another photo of Lily.
Tomorrow I will come clean about my addiction to the characters of Jain Squires but shhhhhhh, please don't tell my husband!


  1. Janice your purchases are perfect for Leaky Cauldron, I love your new stonewear and the table and chairs look like they were made for the room. I can't wait to see what you got from Jain Squires.

    Lily sure is a cutie pie :)


  2. Wish i'd known you were at the show. I was there all day Friday, so was Kat and lots of the other ladies too. Would have been great to meet up! xxx
    Lovely purchases too, i saw some of what you bought at the show and liked them too.
    The pup will be much easier soon, they are always hard work at first, but im sure before you know it all the effort will be worth it.
    Jains dolls i love too, she had some wonderful ones on show at the show. xxx

  3. What wonderful things you found! It is almost as if the show was planned with you in mind. :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing your secret tomorrow. :D

  4. Amazing things you have bought,but the cats are just about the limit!I would love to some too,now I'm really sad,that I wasn't in Kensington.Only for the cats ,lol :-)Jeannette

  5. Great finds! Lucky you Janice!:)

  6. Some lovely pieces Janice. Elizabeth has been next to Julie and I for the last few years. I love her work and have quite a few pieces of my own. I think she exhibits at Miniatura too.
    Glad you enjoyed your day off peace, she is gorgeous though. Jain xx

  7. Oooh Lily looks a tad cross that mum left her! But you needed that break and I can see you made good use of your time alone, some fantastic buys! I adore the table and chairs and all the pub goodies! I must admit Im eager to see what dolls you bought and jealous already. You know how I love Jain and Julies dolls so Im sure Im going to want them!!!! More please! Kate xxxxx

  8. It sounds like you had a wonderfull day of!
    I love the work of Elisabeth Causereth, and it is so suitable for your style indeed! The other items you got are beautifull treasures ass well!

  9. You picked up some excellent pieces - the stoneware I particularly like. Isn't it fun to come home from a fair and place all those little items?

  10. You picked up some excellent pieces - I particularly like the stoneware. Isn't it fun to come home from a fair and place all those interesting pieces?

  11. I'm so glad that you picked up pieces you needed! Of course you know I'm a huge fan of Mike's and I made a beeline for his stand when I was at KDF last year! I love the table sooooo perfect for the pub! :o)))

    My favourites though are the cats...oh just fabulous and full of fun and humour!!!

    When you remarked about the German glassware I did wonder whether you were going to have a look at Gerd Fleka's stand. They have a website and I will try and find it and email you the link. I have a few pieces of theirs! I love some cats from Pocket People though! lol If you have her email address please email it to me. ;o)))

    LOL I'm always bad with Jain's work so you have company! I can't wait to see what you bought! :o))

    Michelle xx

  12. I'm sad.... you were at KDF on Friday and I didnt get to meet you :o( what a shame I didnt know in advance. I spent most of the day with some other bloggers too Kat the Hat, Nikki & Julie/Jakdaws attic... you may have heard us even if you didnt see us, we did a fair bit of giggling!!
    You bought some lovely things, I love the cat & kitten, they are adorable. I saw far too many things I wanted to buy there, its difficult to choose isnt it!

  13. I have always thought you have a good eye for excellent pieces and you have proven me right again with these, Janice. I absolutely love the bottle in the 1st pic and those 2 cats, my goodness, they are the best that I have seen! Those oak furniture are very different from the ones that I have seen. Excellent pick for the Leaky Cauldron!


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