Monday, 28 February 2011

A Birthday Project......Potter Style.

I have put The Leaky Cauldron aside for a couple of weeks because I am going to try to create a couple of special birthday projects for my two wonderful eldest children.
I saw these picture boxes in Hobbycraft on sale a couple of months ago and thought they would be ideal.
 They are quite sturdy and a good size with a depth of about two and half inches. I have taken one of them apart today and intend to use them as a bit of guinea pig in my attempts with paperclay.
All my children grew up with the Harry Potter books and they remain among the very few books my non-reading eldest son has ever read. So I have planned a little Potter surprise for him.
When he was trawling through Potter miniatures on Etsy at Christmas in an attempt to find me a Christmas present he came across this:
and she really made him laugh. He then discovered that there was a whole range of Potter characters and spent a lot of time trying to persuade me to include them in Diagon Alley.
They are a tiny two and a half inches tall so just perfect for a fun Potter picture box.
I am going to line the frame in paperclay in an attempt to create the stone walls of Hogwarts and then each character (I have ordered six) will have its own floating shelf of stained and distressed balsa.
I have never used any type of clay like this before so it will be a bit of a learning curve but I have been reading up on the pros and cons so I hope to avoid too many mistakes!!
It has to be ready by the 12th of March and the dolls haven't arrived yet, my fault I thought of the idea at the last minute, but Lin has been really helpful.
I will have to make the interior without the dolls and then hope it all fits together!


  1. I don't think I can come up with a roombox in 12 days :):). Been looking for something to use as a roombox for the longest time. Will check out this photo frame ! Thanks for the idea , Janice!

  2. This will be fun Janice! A shadow box is a lot easier than a doll house, bet you make more than one :)

    Victoria ♥

  3. A great idea Janice. I'm sure you will have fun making them. Luna Lovegood is very cute :0)
    Julia xx

  4. Thanks Victoria, I knew there was a proper name for this sort of frame - a shadow box. Nice to be working on something so small!

  5. Hi San, this is a very small project. Nothing fancy, just providing a setting for the fun dolls.
    My daughter's shadow box, due for April 19th will be a bot more complicated.

  6. Hi Julia, they are such fun little things!

  7. LOL I can see you having fun with these! I've never done one of these and I don't really have the spare wall space. Arh paperclay...what fun stuff, let me know if you get any cracks as I know a good repair method. ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  8. Animo, seguro que lo consigues y quedaran prciosos.
    Sera una gran y bella sorpresa para ellos.
    besitos ascension

  9. I think thoose small projects are the most great do make - you always can make several of them!
    I just love the pics of your cat lying in the dollhouse!


  10. Oh Lena, I have given up with the roof garden for the moment. He is a devil for sleeping there especially when the sun is shining.


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