Friday, 11 February 2011

Furniture Bashing........

 My collection of houses and shops has grown very quickly and my projects have become more ambitious. This has forced me into learning how to do more things myself and also look to ways of cutting costs. Economising on furniture that is going to be hidden at the back and decorated with other minis is an area I am exploring at the moment.
 I bought this large settle quite a while ago on Ebay very cheaply but it was very highly polished. So I have rubbed it down to remove most of the varnish, added a paint wash and then decorated the panels with vintage maps taken from the Internet. 
 This settle will be part of my witch's lunch corner so not a lot of it will be seen, Jain's wonderful characters will be the stars of the show. 
 Maybe one day when everything is finished I will return to this corner and replace the settle with a more collectable piece. Ha! Ha! Do projects ever really get finished? Mine never seem to, there are always so many ideas to move on to!
 The Leaky Cauldron must have a bar but I wanted it to be 'l' shaped so I could incorporate the false door and Nikki's curtained shelf. I found a very basic one on Ebay but it was a section too long. With my new trusty saw I simply cut off the end and replaced the end panel. 
 I have jazzed it up a bit with some of Angela's useful decorative items. As the counter is too low for a pub I cut a thick balsa top which I am hoping will eventually look like a large piece of distressed oak.
It still needs quite a bit of work, distressing, painting and sanding but I hope it will come out half decent. Especially once I add the wall shelving and all the gorgeous pieces I have been collecting.
Plus is will be half hidden by the table at the front so it shouldn't spoil the whole effect of the room.
One question....should I have beer pumps in the Cauldron?


  1. You've done a fantastic job at furniture bashing Janice, the settle looks wonderful and I love how you have used the maps. It's all looking great :0)
    Julia xxx

  2. Thanks Julia. It came out better than I had hoped!

  3. Hi Janice,

    Looking good and the adapted and bashed bar is looking very good! I'd have barrels rather than pumps. :o))

    You are speeding along!! No, projects are never finished... I change things if I find something better later on. ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  4. Both pieces look good enough for front of the room displays. I love the use use of maps especially and yes, I would definately have beer pumps.

  5. Janice you are good at furniture bashing! I love the settle and the bar is fabulous!

    Victoria ♥

  6. The settle and the bar both look so good :)

  7. I love the counter, it really does look like wood Janice! But my fav is the settle, with the maps, ingenious and looks very expensive so dont you dare replace it, clever you! Hmm Im wondering about whether to get pumps too, need to dig out the DVDs to check out the taverns! Katexx

  8. Thanks ladies, it has been nice to mess about with these pieces. I hope to get the bar painted up this weekend so that I can start the attic next week.

  9. Janice, don't you talk about your wonderful pieces like they should just be hidden in a forgotten corner or shielded behind bigger furniture! You have done such a great job! They shan't and mustn't be hidden! In fact, sign the pieces you bashed, put the year down and one day they may become OOAK collector's pieces :).

  10. Oh Sans! If only, if only......but I like the idea of dating them. Thank you for such a cheery comment.

  11. I absolutely love what you've done here!!


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