Friday, 25 February 2011

A Little Bit of Interior Planning.......

A few years ago I went to my first Miniatura and discovered just how many talented miniaturists there are and became totally hooked on this wonderful hobby. The Spring show is in a couple of weeks and being a list person I thought I would get the contents of The Leaky Cauldron together for a 'dress rehearsal'.
Then I would know what to look out for when I attend the show.
 The ground floor bar area looks busy! All my fabulous characters are by the wonderful Jain Squires and they look very comfortable.
 Mad Eyed Moody is enjoying his retirement propping up the bar.
 Ladies that Lunch? They certainly have a full spread with tasty treats from Mags Magnificent MiniaturesLinsminis and Kiva
 I hope to have a few baskets of groceries and fresh produce eventually for my Diagon Alley shoppers. This basket of apples is by After Dark Miniatures as is the produce board on the pub counter.
 I have tried the shelves out for size with some of the bottles I have collected. Not sure if I will use Nikki's coloured bottles here, maybe have one shelf full. I also want to have a small collection of pewter plates and bowls ( Miniatura List! ) on the shelves plus a few more tankards.
 These bottles are from Le Petit Monde d'Oiseau. They are perfectly scaled and come in a range of colours and shaped. I have also been collecting other glass bottles and flasks from Ray Storey which are hand blown and beautifully made. I will have another go with the scenic water and see what concoctions I can come up with.....
 In the bedroom my Hogwarts student is quietly dreaming of Gilderoy Lockhart! Exhausted after a day's shopping. This lovely piece was made by Julie of Bellabella Dolls and as soon as I saw her I knew she was perfect for this scene.
 I have a passion for the cats of Sarah Hendry and this little family are on their way to Hogwarts despite the one pet rule.
 The books are made by a company called A Novel Idea and they do a whole range of fabulous book sets. I bought these from a company in the US but for the life of me I can't remember what they were called. I will try and look them up and add the link later.
 Ahhhh! So sweet.
And like all good Hogwarts pupils she has been shopping for goodies to take back with her to school. A witch in the box by J.Dunn, sweeties by the lovely Silke and a tin of Halloween biscuits from Alliesminis.
There are quite a few things still needed for in here. All the kit for a Hogwarts student, a bookcase maybe, a wash stand or cupboard, a Hogwarts cloak and scarf, few bits of clothes etc, etc, etc!!!
A long list, but if I don't have a good idea of what I need when I go I get a bit "headless" and end up buying things willy nilly.....attic of the Cauldron springs to mind!


  1. Just perfect! Jain and Julie's dolls add so much magic to a scene! So much to love and look at even already! The books are a fab find, but I've seen the coloured bottles before, but don't own any yet!

    I saw old Mad Eye Moody on Jain's website and he's one of my favourite...but then again it's sooo hard to have favourites! lol

    I love the cat and kitten!!!

    I love your pewter tankards though, did you get them at a fair or? I hope to go to a Dolly Day Dreams show in the New Forest in April, so I might spy a few things then. :o)

    Miniatura is too far for me, but I am sure you will have loads of fun!

    Michelle xx

  2. Looks Great so far! Have fun shopping, I can't wait to see what you come home with.


  3. It is absolutely gorgeous! So colorful, I love it!

  4. Thanks ladies, all put away again now! Still lots to do on the shop!

  5. Hi Michelle, the tankards were from Miniatura last October and March shows I think, I have bought a couple here and there as I've gone along.
    Have you checked the Daydreams site to see who will be attending? I have been to a couple because I know at least three of the stands are sellers I like and been both pleasantly surprised.

    I can't resist Sarah's cats, all hand sculpted, amazing!

  6. I knew you wouldnt be able to resist having a play!! it looks fantastic already! I ADORE Mad eye moody, first time Ive seen him! Your witches are wonderful, Im going for just Jains witches in my own witches tavern too, I like to keep the same maker in one house if possible. Julies little witch is adorable and Im hoping to have one myself one day for my potion room. Her goodies are so colourful, in fact the whole scene is which is what I love about your projects. Same as your witches house and your emporium, they are full of colur and vibrance which I love! Have fun at Minitura, too far for me too, only KDF IF I can save the pennies to go that is! Kate xxx

  7. Super la scène avec les sorcières qui rient , j'adore les chats .

  8. Wonderful collection of dolls and miniatures Janice!:)

  9. Great scenes and wonderful details. I love your little witch.

  10. Me encanta visitar tu blog y ver todas las fantasticas maravillas que tienes de las mejores miniaturistas que hay.
    Seguro que en la feria acabaras enmorandote de algo que no necesites jejeje, siempre pasa que cuando estamos en la feria nos lo queremos comprar todo jejeje
    besitos ascension

  11. What a great roombox! I love all of the details! You have some great items from some very fab artist's!!!

  12. Wow,it looks great and I love every detail. The dolls have so much charakter,food is exquisite,Nikkis beautiful bottles.Your collection ist stunning!Jeannette

  13. It's lovely Janice and I adore your witches :) Have fun at Miniatura.
    Julia xxx

  14. I have said it before and I will say it again, that bar counter and shelf of yours is really looking fabulous! You really have a fine collection of dolls, Janice. And I like the way you have used the items on the shelves. A vibrant, festive and fabulous scene!

  15. Oh it's lovely to play with our toys! I just can't seem to get the grungy wizarding look, I want to but my projects always seem to bend towards colour and neatness!

    I love my characters and they are perfect for The Cauldron. I am very lucky to have so many.

  16. It is gorgeous! The witches have so much fun and tasty food, it is a pleasure to see that (-:
    I love the cats too.


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