Friday, 9 July 2010

When you can't!!!

Have not found it easy to get any mini time lately. I have two other passions in my life, apart from my family of course, tennis and football. So in recent weeks I have been glued to either the tennis or the World Cup. I have, however, had time to shop.......I know there is always time to shop. This fabulous guinea pig was purchased from Miss Sally's World the photo does not do him justice, he looks really pathetic like most guineas I have ever seen and he will be going in my Diagon Alley stash. I also bought this absolutely delightfully cheeky cat.
I love him to bits, he looks so disreputable, a true alley cat. He will sit outside my modern emporium much to the owners disgust! Sally's pieces are beautifully crafted and have real character. I look at her website and want to buy them all.
I also purchased these two gorgeously upholstered chairs from Julia of Bear Cabin Miniatures which will be put away for Flourish and Blott perhaps? Julia is having a sale in her etsy shop so pop in and have a look. I have quite a few of her cushions and they are lovely.
The shoes are from C W Poppets and are perfect for my Witch E.T. Grubb's Emporium. In my parcel I also found  a little matching handbag which will look perfect together. In my 'rest' period I have been thinking about my emporium and have decided to make a shop for all a fashionable witch's needs; gowns, hats, shoes, bags and broomsticks with perfumes and lotions. This is because I want to include an apothecary in Diagon Alley and I want a variety of projects and items. 
So I am busy surfing the web for shoes at the moment but at least the builder has gone, my eldest is home from his travels in Indonesia and looking gorgeously tanned, so this weekend I will be cleaning up the dust and mess like a mad thing ready to clear my week so I can get back to my desk and my minis!
Have a sunny weekend everyone.


  1. Yes, shopping is a great option, been doing it quite a bit lately :D

    I sent you an email about the flower swap and after reading this post I got some ideas what you probably would need ;)

  2. Hi Janice,
    Thanks for the mention again :0) I'm so glad you loved the chairs. That puddycat is wonderful, I saw him on her website too and thought he was very naughty and great fun. He is going to be brilliant outside your modern emporium.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend too,
    Julia xxx

  3. Thanks for mentioning me, Janice. I make custom order's, too. If you send me fotos of shoe's you would like I could try to make them.

  4. I bet you're watching the world cup finals right now!


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