Friday, 23 July 2010

Trial Number Three and a Big Thank You.......and 144th furniture

First of all I must say a big thank you for all the compliments and help I have received these last couple of days regarding the plants and flowers I have shown on my blog. It has been so encouraging and a real compliment. I must make it clear though that most of my plants are made using the kits designed by Bonnie Lavish and sold in the UK by Templewood Miniatures. Some are made from scratch using punches or flowersoft and I am confident enough now to start making my own, hence all the work I have been doing recently trying to learn how to use wire.So today I worked on Trial 3 following more helpful advice from Nikki,
This was the small sort of vine that I showed yesterday. I decided to chop up the giant vine and cannibalise its branches. I think this now has a better shape and will fit in my witch's potting area. It still has to be coated in PVA.
Here are the remains of the giant vine plus some extra practice goes at very fine strands. There is also a trial wand in there too. I am hoping to use these pieces for topiary and various plants depending on how well my painting turns out.
Oh and while I am thinking about painting, Hobbycraft or is it Hobbyland I can never remember, is having a bit of a sale. When I was in there today, buying more wire...., looking around as you do I saw that a whole load of the acrylic paints have been reduced from £2.49 to 99p. They are the ones in bottles not the tubed ones. Anyway a very good reduction. Plus the pots of textured fibre 'paint' in white or natural, which is great, has been reduced from £4.99 to 99p.
Just a thought for anyone with one of these shops near them.
This is the fabulous 144th furniture I received with my little houses from Pear Tree Miniatures. This link will take you to the site and then you have to select 144th for the menu of 144th items if you would like to have a look. I can't tell you how sweet these pieces are and all hand painted. I have just put them out on the bookcase to show but I am thinking of papering the back panel in order for the tiny pieces to stand out a little more. Not sure if the red paint is a little too dark and it may add a bit of contrast too.
Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. See you have plenty of bits to use for other things now :-)

    It doesn't matter whether you used kits or made them from scratch...all of your flowers are wonderful. And kits only cut out the cutting...the fiddly part is putting them together so well done.

  2. I think it might HobbyCraft that's having the sale as I bought 1 (and you got one free) very large sheets of foamboard for only £6.00. A bargain as the sheets were about 3ft x 3ft. I could do with some more acrylic paint as I am running low, especially at that price! lol

    I love Pear Tree Miniatures I have bought some wonderful books from them ages ago. Your furniture is lovely, I love the bedroom set! :o)

    Well done on the wire work too, I haven't attempted that yet Janice! Not sure that I will anytime soon! :o))

    Michelle xx

  3. Tus flores eran preciosas, porque aun siendo de kits hay que hacerlas y no es facil, enhorabuena por ello!!
    Te esta quedando genial tu vid, sigiendo los consejos de Nikki.
    Gracias por el enlace, siempre tan atenta.
    besitos ascension


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