Sunday, 18 July 2010

Some days are just.......

Nice. I spent the morning happily in my garden weeding and dead heading. Not a teenager or husband in sight I listened to a fascinating book on my ipod and had a lovely time.
Then at lunch time, with teenagers and husband miraculously appearing, I got changed and walked to the tennis club where I played three good sets with friends and enjoyed a chilled bottle of fizzy. Plus lots of terrible gossip and laughter of course. Then home, BBQ and a relax in the garden with the family.
So no minis but I have been shopping.....
Andy Pandy's coming to play! How brilliant are these little dolls from Sally Reader. I am trying to stock the toyshop with characters I remember from my childhood and these certainly fit the bill. Plus I ordered the rest of the Magic Roundabout characters......
......and Rosie and Jim who are a little later than my childhood era but I can remember having to watch them with my younger sister. Next on my search list are Bill and Ben and the Woodentops. I love Sally Reader's work her little characters really make me smile and they are beautifully made by someone you can tell enjoys her work.
I have also received these terrific wands and wand boxes from Lorraine. I had asked her to surprise me with the decoration of the wands and I love them. The two wand boxes are lined and contain two spiral wands. These will all be put away ready for Ollivander's, bit by bit my stash will grow filling with just the right items I hope.
I think I have decided what my Diagon Alley is going to comprise of:
          • The Cauldron Shoppe
          • Flourish and Blott's
          • Magical Menagerie
          • Ollivander's Wands
          • The Apothecary
          • Roots and Shots - Herbs and Plants
          • The Mad Hatter's
It will certainly have to be a very long term project!!! With a big stash of goodies collected over time but looking and planning is such fun.


  1. Hello janice,
    sounds like a lovely day :0)
    These toys are fab, I love Sallys work too. My childhood faves were bill and ben and the wooden tops. I loved those wooden tops !
    I also watched a lot of rosie and jim when my kids were little.
    I'm looking forward toseeing you fill up your toy shop,
    julie xx

  2. Can't wait to see your Diagon Alley finished!;D Great minies! And of course I love Lorraine's wands and boxes!

  3. That's another one on my list, of to dos. The Magical Menagerie. Love the Toy's..

  4. Tons of collecting to do Janice! Well you're only having 2 of the ones that I've chosen for my own Diagon Alley. Where will you put all your shops?! :o) I'm also having Honeydukes (from Honeymeade) as I love the shop!

    Can't wait to see all your shops as they progress! :O)

    The toys are wonderful! :o)) Lorraine's wands and boxes are just superb, I own a few myself. ;o)))

    Michelle xxx

  5. Thanks for showing the wands Janice! Glad you are happy with them :).

  6. Hi Ladies, as you can see my Diagon Alley has a little poetic licence! I wanted to put my own stamp on it with a couple of shops of my own.
    I might yet change my mind as I would like to do the ice cream parlour and part of the Leaky Cauldron too.
    My husband is a little daunted by the idea and calls if my 5 year plan!


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