Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Design Emporium Interior........The Top Flat

The two attic rooms seemed perfect for the young, trendy owner to live in while his business takes off. It also had to be a little bit of a showcase for his design ideas. The kitchen furniture is from DHE and I have dressed in with a whole collection of bits and pieces from DHE, Platt's Packaging, Ebay and Country Contrast. The futon style bed and chair are from a fabulous modern mini site Elf Miniatures. I also purchased most of the shops lighting from Elf and was really pleased with the designs and quality.
The wall decorations are card toppers which I thought would look interesting on the plain white walls. Not sure if they look a bit naff now but they seemed like a great idea when I first did it!
I enjoyed doing the bathroom simply because it seemed like everything I dreamed of. Pristine, ordered and most importantly empty of teenage boys and girls whose own bathroom was not good enough! This chair also came from Elf while the bathroom suite and shower are all DHE. You might just be able to see the Chanel cosmetics at the back, they are super and I got them from Ebay seller Dawn who also made the perfumes on the first floor. The truffle tree and 'Twilight' cake were also Ebay purchases and I added them to the bathroom as little quirky objects d'art!!! Well a bit of accent colour at the least. I still have red towels and dressing gown to add but there always seems to be something else to attract my attention.
This shop also has the obligatory cats but they are all black and white of course!


  1. I like this red, white and black theme. There is something very crisp and clean about it that appeals to me. You've put it together nicely.


  2. Your modern house is fab, the white-red-black colour theme really works in this setting :)

  3. Love it...the card toppers are a great idea...I really like them.

  4. Very cool, love all the detail!


  5. Id love a bathroom like that too Janice! I havnt got a modern house but it certainly looks very cool. Modern furniture seems more expensive and harder to get hold of but its worth it as this look is great. Kate xxx

  6. Es una casa moderna, con mucho estilo.
    El rojo, negro y blanco queda fenomenal.
    Gracias por los enlaces.
    besitos ascension


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