Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Design Emporium Interior........The First Floor

These photos all show the contents of my shop's first floor. As you can see I have kept closely to the red/black/white scheme. I was also learning not to fill a gap just for the sake of it but to wait until finding the right item. I still have to add a couple of hand bags and accessories.

Most of the items were Ebay purchases or items I bought during my first visit to Miniatura. I did, however, discover the usefulness of beads for miniature makers and made my first perfume bottles from all the beads I found in the right colours. All the shop shelves are from Matlock Miniatures which I painted white. The carrier bags are card toppers I found in a local stationery shop.
The right hand side of this floor displays the classic ladder back chairs, white china - all from Ebay - and a selection of objects fit for the modern home. The lighting is all from Elf Miniatures.
The beautiful deco china I purchased at a local fair organised by Dolly Daydreams. All rest of the shelves are beads.
I am really happy with these departments as the colours work well and it has a modern chic feel.


  1. You've got some truly great mini's in this shop! So much to see and some bits I'be never seen to buy before! The black chairs are fantastic!!

    My Mum has an ultra modern house, and I know how hard it is to fill a modern house! I like ELF miniatures, they sell some great modern mini's!

    Michelle xxx

  2. It's fab! There's so many little details to look at, I especially love the last picture and the red staircase :)

  3. Hi janice, modern miniatures have never really appealed to me but I have to say this is really striking !
    Your colour combination makes it all look really chic and expensive.
    I like the red staircase too !
    julie xxx

  4. What wonderful goodies the room looks so trendy and a good project to keep adding to when you see that perfect item in those colours! Love all the little figurines, especially the russian dolls, I love those! Kate xx

  5. Estoy alucinada, que maravilla de trabajo!!!
    Ese toque chic moderno, me encanta!!!!
    Los colores quedan genial!!!
    Y hay que verlo con detenimiento para disfrutar de tantos bellos detalles.
    Me encanta tu blog, por tus magnificos trabajos y la cantidad de informacion que consigo, muchas gracias.
    besitos ascension

  6. Thank you ladies, when I came to this hobby I decided I was going contemporary and ultra modern.
    Then I discovered the work of Nikki and have now added the witchy world to my collection.
    I don't think I will ever be a Victorian collector but who knows?


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