Saturday, 26 March 2011

Leaky Cauldron Front Panel.....Nearly finished Exterior!

I finally started the opening fron panel this week after finding the extra sheets of wallpaper I needed at Miniatura. 
 I wallpapered the inside of the door and begin working on the balsa beams. I decided to work slightly differently this time to try and cut down on the amount of time it usually takes me. Plus I wanted to get the windows done, no hanging around.
 I cut all the pieces I needed, including the windows. Then glued on my lines of brickwork. While they were drying I distressed and stained all the wood. I always cut the wood slightly longer than required as by the time all the sanding and staining is done it always ends up smaller. I have learnt to my cost that you can always shorten but never lengthen!! 
 The lines of bricks have to be grouted once the PVA is completely dry and this time I remembered to give them all a PVA wash. This seals the bricks making them much easier to clean up when grouting.
I left everything to dry overnight and in the morning glued on all the main beams and window frames on the outside. 
Once all the glue had dried I applied the texture paste with a small trowel and various brushes. It needed to be a thick layer and I wanted it to squidge right up to the beams.
It is impossible to do this without getting the paste on the beams but I cleaned up as I went along.
 While the paste was drying I began building up the interior window frames, sills and shelves. As I had used quite thin balsa, 1/8th of an inch, I have tried to strengthen the ledges and shelves by adding extra  pieces and strips.
 These windows have worked out much better than the side ones, mainly because I put them together all in one sitting and the larger sills are cut into the shape of the walls. The side ones simply have the sills laying on the top of the window ledge.
I am hoping to have a go at the stained and leaded windows next week and finish of the door panel. 
Getting there bit by bit......Then the really scary bit, the grungy, weathering wash of everything!
Oh, and pave the front area too of course and tweak and twiddle all those little bits that never look quite right when the kit is finished.
Then I can put everything back in and try out the lights, play time!


  1. Your windows are fab and have oodles of time and work spent on them. ;o)) I love the window sills you have made too. I haven't thought about how I'm going to add my window sills yet, I'm keeping the original Georgian windows in my kit, so I will have to think on that one.

    I have shortened my front to allow it to go over the cobble stones, I was going to mention to you in an email to see what you have done to get over the dilemma.

    You are waaaay ahead of me and you will be on your next shop waaay before me! I will be working on slug and jiggers tomorrow, although I'm going slow now on my kits as I'm doing other mini things; it makes a wonderful change! :o))

    Michelle xx

  2. It's looking really good! I love the cracked plaster wall finish. You refer to 'paste', what are you using exactly? I bought some Mineral Texture Gel to have a play around with recently but haven't tried it yet. Paul over at Afan Valley Miniatures uses wall tile adhesive to plaster his walls which gives a great look too but quite different to yours. (He also mentioned that if trying the adhesive as a plaster to be sure not to use a waterproof one!)

  3. This is looking soooo good! I love the effect on the outside.

  4. Hi Norma, I have sent an email to you.

  5. Hi Michelle, I do get a bit 'driven' sometimes and have to finish a task. Then I can sit back and relax and play with other things. The bar shelves are next on my list which will be playing with resins and labels etc.
    I have the 'Dobby' picture box to make for my daughter's birthday too so that's why I wanted to be able to put the Cauldron aside more or less 'done'.

  6. I love your windows! The wall paper is excellent, I still can't believe you found extra. Looks like you are on the homestretch on getting this done. I look foreword to seeing your aging to the walls.

    Victoria ❤

  7. Janice, the detail here is lovely! The windows are especially interesting, and beautifully made!

  8. Wow this is looking amazing your balsa windows look so realistic, I love everything you have done so far. Cant wait to see more.

  9. I love the shop its looking fantastic, the windows are perfect, the colour and everything! I do so love that wallpaper! Great job, but the best bit to come eh! Kate xx

  10. made great progress with the Leaky Cauldron so far, Janice! Like everything very much! The windows are awesome!

  11. this is so amazing....... Are you going to send a photo to JK Rowling?

  12. Thanks everyone. On the home run now, it's strange how all the little bits at the end seem to take up so much time!!

    Then....Kate you know me so well, al the fun of the inside!


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