Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I Am Sure There Is A Better Way!.......

I decided that the standar shop door that came with my Sid Cooke house was definitely not right for the 'Tudor' look of The Leaky Cauldron. I remembered reading on a blog that sometimes we can use what we already have as a base and work with it.
So I sanded down the original door and covered both side with strips of balsa. Trimmed and distressed with my trusty tapestry needle.
One of the reasons I kept the door was to be able to have the central window looking into the bar. I am hoping that the surround will hole the leaded window in place.
 As I have still to begin the windows I only finished off the interior side. After a lot of tweaking and sanding the door fitted snugly into the doorway.
 Flushed with success I stained and sanded the door again. I even remembered to test the length of the door to make sure it would still open across the interior slate flagstones.
The finished door has a much better look but it is slightly thicker than the original which did cause problems with the hinges which I haven't quite sorted out yet because the tiny flat head screws have disappeared! For a temporary solution I have used some others but they will have to be changed......when I find the others!
Karin has given me some very good advice about using balsa for tricky shapes and sanding so I will be slightly less amateur in my next attempt at door bashing! Thanks Karin.
In the post today I received a parcel of goodies from the talented and generous Glenda of undancey minis who is streamlining her collection.
 Glenda decided to sell her vampire collection with some wonderful pieces by artists like Ericka and Nikki so I had to have them for my Apothecary shop.
 Glenda also popped in some extra goodies that she knows I will definitely be able to use including a couple of her rugs and gorgeous little baskets. My real favourite though was the tiny, and I mean tiny, delicate pouch/purse which is just perfect for one of my witch's shopping baskets.
 Thank you so much Glenda for my fabulous parcel which I know you have taken the time to send during the very stressful days New Zealand and all its families are experiencing at the moment. 


  1. The door is a definite improvement and inkeeping with the rest. :o) I thought you used the original door as a template, I didn't realise you made a sandwich of it! :o)) Not seen that done before.

    I love Karin's idea of gluing sandpaper to a piece of wood etc. I will be doing that as it will help no end trying to sand flat things, as my electric mouse (sander) can be a bit too fierce for certain things!

    I know Nikki used tweezers for her wood grain, but I couldn't get on with those, so I used a tapestry needle, it's must have as you now know!!

    Great things from Glenda and soo pleased she found a home for her now surplus mini's!! :o))

    I'm working on Slug & Jiggers tomorrow as I had to have an unexpected day off work!

    Michelle xx

  2. Hi Michelle, love the sandpaper idea. I use large emery boards usually but I seem to get through them at a tremendous rate. I will definitely make some tomorrow. Great idea.
    How lovely, an unexpected day off. You won't be able to sleep tonight, too many plans and ideas will be juggling around in your head!! Enjoy your day.

  3. Janice you door looks great! I am going to try the sandpaper trick too, never thought of that. I love the vampire collection from Glenda, I was lucky enough to get dragon goodies from Glenda which I will unveil when I load the Dragon room in VR.

    Victoria ♥

  4. Your door is a definite improvement on the original, and very Diagon! I hope you find the screws soon :)

    As for the vampire set - I'm so pleased for it to go to a good home :))) I loved the artisan-made pieces, but putting it all together was beyond me for the foreseeable future, and having it sitting hidden away was just silly when it could be used elsewhere :)

    And earthquakes - we've had a cluster of small ones here locally, and I fill in reports on the geonet website, but somehow a report of furniture falling over and glassware falling off shelves in my mini houses isn't acceptable as evidence!! I'm going to get the tacky wax out!

    xxx Glenda

  5. Great door and fantastic miniatures!:)

  6. You have the texture and colouring now of your wood off to a tea! Do you konw you can buy sanding blocks too. I have a sanding block from Halfords which is fixed and like an oblong shape with the textured edge or also they do a rubber block you can wrap different grades of sandpaper to depending what you need, that ones brill! I pinch Johns blocks all the time , they are for people rubbing down cars pre spraying but work a treat for miniaturists.Katexx

  7. The door looks great - definitely worth the time spent on it and Glenda's little assortment of bits are just the thing for your project.

  8. I too love the sandpaper idea :) I see we all have read your suggestions and gained from it. The wonderful world of blogland :).

    You have bashed the door really well. I am pleased for you because that bar with its counter has a special place in my heart :)

  9. I love the door. What a great idea. You received some nice goodies too.


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