Thursday, 17 March 2011

Leaky Cauldron Side Windows.....

This week seems to have disappeared very quickly. Not sure why apart from the birthday of my eldest son and I have been attempting to start spring cleaning. God, I hate housework! 
I think I have also been finding reasons to put off working on the windows of the Cauldron.
 There are two side and two front windows that I want to look like the square, over-hanging Tudor windows you see in some remaining 17th century English High Streets. I did make some a while ago  for the witch house and I remember they were a nightmare.
So balsa wood to the fore I set to. The main problem was the thickness required for the window shelves and 'roofs'. They had to be quite thin, I settled for 1/16 of an inch, but trying to distress them proved a little trying. I split at least four trying to age them, usually when I was just about to glue them in place!
 Eventually I managed to get them all the pieces in place without too much glue or heart ache. 
 I have added beams above and below each window to increase stability and make sure the deep window sills don't warp or droop.
 Ignore the mess inside, the decorators are in! I have used a walnut wood stain for the base colour of the outside wood which I have rubbed with a normal baby wipe. When all the outside wood is finished I will add a dirty colour wash mixed with PVA to seal it all. 
 To make sure my window panes stay in place I have cut out a square block down each main post. I am hoping that the leaded window acetate will go in nice and easy after I have given all the wood their wash. Hmmmmm, we will see!!
 I am going to try and make my own 'leaded' window acetates and see if I can create a stained glass look.
The great thing about these windows are the deep sills of course, more room for mini goodies! As long as they are not too heavy of course.
Off to Miniatura on Saturday. So excited, I love looking at all the fabulous work created by such talented people. I am on strict instructions from my husband this visit with a third child about to go to university in September, I must resist impulse buying.
He is right of course, so I have promised to be good and stick to my favourite sellers and of course my list!


  1. You are so talented! Have a great time at the Miniatura!

  2. Janice, these look really good - love the deep sills and the walnut finish. I hope the birthday present went down well and you have a good time on Saturday (whether or not you stick to the list - lol)

  3. I've just started following your blog. I have three shop fronts that belong to a series called "Street of Shops". I wasn't sure what to do with them but now I know I have to do something with a Potter looks like so much fun:)

  4. Might have been tricky Janice but they look absolutely fab.

    Have a great time in Brum...wish I could have been there a week early but I now have an excuse to come back sooner than 7 years :-)

  5. janice I think the windows are going to be wonderful! i saw this tutorial last night on a blog I have been following. Check it out, I think it will give you some inspirstion :) I need to get on that spring cleaning too ick, would rather be doing minis.

    Victoria ❤

  6. Excellent work, as always, I admire ...

  7. He he yeh right!!!! Willpower willpower!!! Wish I was going, and of course, will be waiting to see your purchases! Wow , those windows are incredible, clever you,so so much better than the ones that come with it, they look just the right colour and style! Kate xxx

  8. The windows turned out great, Janice! How are you planning to "lead" the windows? I have had my husband pick up some lead tape from the golf store and I am going to try using that directly on the Plexi. I am told it cuts easily into thin strips and can even curve...we'll see...

    Have fun at Miniatura! I am sooo jealous.

  9. Janice the windows look great. Lucky you going to Miniaturia on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing if you stick to your list. Have a great

  10. This looked like a ton of work and I can now see why you kept putting off the windows. I have to make ones similar to this for Hogwarts...I will be calling on you for help! :o)))You have progressed lots and you'll soon be on your next shop!

    Have a truly great time in Miniature on Saturday and hope you come back with some wonderful new mini's etc.

    Michelle xxx

  11. Really looking forward to my trip tomorrow where I promise not to get carried away. I would love to be able to post lots of photos but I know that's really frowned upon. Also I am a bit shy to ask.

    This golfing lead seems like a really good solution so you must all follow Victoria's link to a blog that has the most amazing tutorials. I wish I had seen it before I started my windows. These are fabulous.

    Thank you Victoria, as generous and helpful as always

  12. My goodness, this is AMAZING! I want to go to orlando right now and get some butter beer!

  13. This looks so nice - looking forward to watching the progress :)

  14. Janice its looking fantastic. I love the effects.

    Lorra luffies

    Debie xxxxxxx

  15. Beautiful details, Janice! Absolutely amazing!


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