Thursday, 23 July 2015

More Sweets are Delivered to Honeydukes.

After dressing the two front windows I decided to work on the second of the larger display cabinets and work out what sweets I need to fill the shelves and tops.
 I have bought my glass jars from a number of suppliers to try and vary shape and size. Most of them come from Glasscraft and My Tiny World but I have also bought from Ebay sellers and Valerie Claire Miniatures
 The sweets are a mixture of beads, sliced fimo canes and sweets, both bought and made by me. 
 I decided to colour group the top shelves after looking a sweet buffets on Pinterest. This is obviously my pink selection. The chocolate bunny baskets are the work of Nikki Rowe and fit in perfectly on this shelf.
The chocolate shelf looks pretty inviting to me and has a number of sliced canes from a range by My Tiny World and a few made by me.
I know have to fill the for shelves above the second large cabinet, the windows and the door and of course I do not have enough sweets in set colours. so it is time to get the clay out again and start rolling.
 I had previously made a whole load of round lollipops/cake pops,
 in quite a range of colours.
Now I needed to fancy them up ready to put on display.
 Poundland is a must place to visit for all sorts of bits and pieces with a mini use. These pots are all from their nail art range. They have caviar beads, soft flock, shellac, glitters and fine paint brushes all for a pound and in a range of colours, perfect for sweet making. I also use glass and porcelain paints to add chocolate and syrup glazes.
 Here are the lollipops in all their finery. I have use a gloss medium as both a glue and a glaze. Some are dipped in shellac, fine white glitter (for sugar) or soft flock.
The caviar beads also add an different texture to the lollipops and dipped in dark brown glass paint it is possible to add a chocolate topping. I have enough now to dress the shelves and staircase hopefully.
The lolly sticks are sugarcraft/florist wires that I will cut to size once I put them in their final jars.
Every day in every way I am getting closer and closer. Rain due tomorrow so I am hoping to be able to hide in the workshop as I have purple and green sweets to make. 
I do so love a rainy day!! 


  1. Es alucinante la variedad y colorido de los dulces . Los tarros son muy bonitos. Me encanta como queda. Un gran trabajo

  2. Beautiful work ! Keep on doing it, it is awesome !

  3. I love the pink grouping! All the different shaped and sized jars are gorgeous and well worth the effort of tracking down. Also loving the pink next to the turquoise of the cabinetry.

  4. oh !!!! I love all your work !! and the jars look great. Hugs

  5. I really enjoy reading all of your posts. This project is amazing and I love your hand made lollipops. Look forward to reading your next instalment.

  6. Hello Janice,
    These pictures made me hungry. Everything looks so real. Excellent work and smart purchases.
    Big hug,

  7. You are doing an Awesome job with this build, Janice! The details and care you are taking with everything right down to the little edges on the packaging is very impressive! I think the chocolate shelf is my favorite so far.... they look good enough to eat..... but I know you have to be careful with some of the Wizarding World candies! Your ability to stay on track and complete a build right to the end before starting another is Admirable! (Alas, I don't have that knack!) I look forward to seeing more!

  8. Oh display cabinets are cute. And I love way thtat you put this extra jars in colour groups. Amazing work.I've liked your blog very much so I decided to follow you. And it will be very nice if you visit my blog and follow too.

  9. I love your sweet shop! Everything looks so colorful and delicious :)

  10. Vous allez faire sensation avec tous ces bocaux de bonbons!!!! c'est superbe!!


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