Saturday, 4 July 2015

Dressing a Scene........The Staff Nook of Honeydukes

My idea for the top floor of Honeydukes was always going to be a grimy store room after I decided that sweet making was going to be a step too far if I wanted to ever finish the project. After some thought I came up with the staff nook idea and I am very happy with the scene I showed in my last post.
 The cheerful witches of Honeydukes are now to be surrounded with crates of stock and these are what I have come up with.
 I bought most of these crates from various sellers over the years at Miniatura and they have been sitting in my stash waiting to see the light of day. I have stained them with a regular wood stain in Light Oak, two coats, and then stuck on Harry Potter sweet printies gleaned from the Internet. Originally I had planned to fill them all with the appropriate sweets before piling them up but I am beginning to understand that sometimes less is more. So I cute lids for them all and sealed them up. Much quicker and equally effective.
 I have had a little play with all the crates I have finished so far and spread them around the top floor.
 I have also filled some large jars for storage and dirtied up some pre-printed sacks that I bought at Miniatura a while ago.
I also had a few wooden basket crates in my stash kindly given to me by Nikki Rowe. I have paint-washed these and will probably fill them with with sweeties and place them on top of a pile of crates.
 These trays were originally going to be stacked high and filled with different types of sweets but I have had a change of heart having seen how the whole room is coming together.
This is how the room currently looks and I really like the way the Staff Nook with all its colours seem to pop out of the shadows of the wooden crates. So I have made lids for the shallow crates as well and am going to avoid adding too many brightly coloured piles of sweets. All the interest will be drawn to the central nook I hope. 
This has meant making more crates......but I think it will be worth it. I am learning not to over fill a room which is something I find really hard, keeping it simple so you can enjoy the premier pieces in the room. In this room the Nook needs not to be smothered and I hope I will get the right balance.
I had a lovely day a Wimbledon yesterday with my daughter can't believe it is my 40th year, things have certainly changed.


  1. Me encanta el resultado,te ha quedado una habitación muy personal!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Lidi. I have booked for Chicago!! Woo Hoo what an adventure.

  3. Hi Janice
    I love the idea of the storage crates! Your little witches still are the centre of attraction and being surrounded with the crates is so realistic. Love this project!
    All the best

    1. Hi Vivian, I think this is the first time I have done a room and come away thinking that everything has worked. It has really put a spring in my step. Glad you are enjoying it too.

  4. Great! I love your work since a long time and allways surprise me

  5. Me gusta como quedan apiladas las cajas con esas pegatinas tan variadas y coloridas.

  6. Hello Janice,
    the crates are perfect! they look beautiful and very well made, and they are the perfect touch for the room. Great work!
    Big hug,


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