Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Paper Clay Roof & Lots of Bits and Pieces

The paperclay experiment is coming to a close and I am surprisingly pleased by the 'nearly end result'.
The tiles have now had their mixed colours added after the base terracotta coat.
 I mixed up a selection of five colours: red, orange, brown, black and grey, in various shades and then just randomly touched up a few tiles at a time.
 I concentrated on areas where the white clay was showing through first and then tipped the kit up each and every way to make sure all the sides, edges and bottoms of the tiles received a tickle from the paint brush too.
It was quite a fiddly job and I still need to finish off with 'soot' from the chimneys but it has turned out much better than I expected.
I think I will also cover with a matt varnish to protect the tiles as I have noticed that every time I knock the roof, even slightly, the paint does chip off or scratch. The clay itself though seems very tough. 
 The project I have just started is moving along slowly but surely. I am at that stage now when everything seems to take ages and at the end of a session there is very little actual progress to show.
I am not going to mess around with this kit very much and have decided to use the quoins provided for the first time. These are made from MDF I think so are very clean and flat. 
I am going to match them with all the distressed red brickwork so they have had to coats of terracotta paint as a start and then I have smoothed on some Art Mache to give a bit of texture.
 When this dries they will hopefully look a little more brick-like. Then it will be back to the paint palette  !
 The mouldings have all been primed, given two coats of cream and one coat of my greeny/yellowy accent colour for this shop. This layered look will all be sanded, waxed, crackled and distressed to match the look of the rest of the shops. Phew! Time consuming but I want to keep the same sort of look throughout the whole street. 
 Last job has been to start the open brick work with the same bricks I have used before from Richard Stacey
 I lay them free hand because it doesn't really matter if they are a little off, using quite a liquid PVA glue as you can then slide them into place.
 These still need to be sealed and then grouted before I finish the walls of with Art Mache.
I have also marked where all the mouldings will be placed as I have learnt from experience it is very easier to glue the bricks away from the wooden mouldings.
I won't add the Art Mache until all the mouldings are painted and distressed. I prefer to put them on the kit at the same time. This means a bit of forward planning and it can seem that progress is sooooo slow!
Still when I have had enough of painting I can always play in the snow with Lily. 


  1. My goodness, you move fast!
    Potage's roof tiles look great now and the colouring really has helped to make them look realistic! Wow.. You'll be the new RIk Pierce soon!
    What a great idea for the quoins.. Mine look nothing like stone so I shall remember that technique for the future! Great tip so thanks :)
    The brick work is going to look great on this!

  2. Очень красивая получилась крыша. Особенно понравился мне переход красок на черепице.
    У Вас симпатичная Лили.Интересно, а ей нравится снег?

  3. I love how your roof came out, I can't wait to try a paper clay roof.
    You have a lot of work ahead but it is so worth it, I always am delighted with your results :)

    Lily sure looks sweet in her little red coat just don't loose her in the deep snow.


  4. You're obviously having a lots of fun with this and it's looking good! Mini hugs....

  5. Aw, cutie puppy in the snow! :D You've been busy!

  6. The roof is looking great Janice.
    Love the picture, of little Lily, in her Coat, in the Snow.

  7. Beautiful work. Lily is adorable.
    Bye Faby

  8. Wow! how much work! I loved the roof is great!

  9. Your tiles are wonderful! The perfect colors to make them realistic. It's a good thing Lily isn't a white puppy! you would loose her in the snow. :-)

  10. Thanks so much for showing your techniques for the outside of your house. Love the roof! I think you've aged it beautifully. I've got Versi-Slips and slates coming from Mr Storey soon, I hope, to start some work on the outside of my own house -- seeing your progress is so helpful :) And Lily is just bursting with personality and intelligence!

  11. You are doing a wonderful job. It's a pleausre to follow your progress.
    Lily is so cute!

  12. I love your crinkly wrinkly roof - it must have been a lot of work.

  13. Hi everyone,
    Thank you so much for leaving so many encouraging comments. I do think the roof has been worth all the angst. It has a bit more character than the straight forward tiled roofs I usually do so I will definitely have a go at another one.
    So far Diagon Alley has a tiled roof, a paperclay roof and a leaded roof.....Olivander's is going to be the same kit as The Cauldron Shop so maybe I will give that one another paperclay roof? Mmmmm, will have to have a think!

  14. Paperclay is a menace to protect from chipping, I've washed mine with thick PVA and acrylic varnish and it still chips. :o(( I'd leave the protection until you have finished your project....touch up any chipped bits (though you can paint over the top of both these methods) and then apply two coats or matt acrylic varnish, it's better than nothing. :o))

    I'm sticking to normal tiles..less hassle! lol lol ;o)))

    I spy a cupola! I have this on my witches house which I bought from Maple Street, I thought it was different and it is!

    Looks like Lily was having fun in the snow and good job she was black and not white...you'd loose her she's so tiny! lol

    Michelle xxx

  15. I think that paper clay roof is now my favourite type of roof! It is amazing and yes, more interesting than the flat type. I really really love it. I have been cracking my head over how to fix the roof for my next project. Maybe something like this.


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