Friday, 10 February 2012

Just Had to Share.....

One of the great things about Blogland is the chance it gives us to find out about all the wonderful miniaturists whose work is new to you.
The indefatigable Debbie Wright of Tiny Treasures is always ready to share the artists she has discovered and just recently she introduced me to the gorgeous work of Maunela from Germany.
Her Etsy shop has a whole range of witchy goodies including this tiny writing set.
It is beautifully crafted and was a must have for my Hogwarts girlie currently sitting in The Leaky Cauldron.
 This absolutely teeny tiny wizard mouse is the work of Georgia Marfels who I first read about in the blog of Silke. I can't describe to you how incredibly cute this piece is.   
 The light was really bad by the time I opened my post today so the photographs do not do this piece justice at all. Georgia also makes amazing mushrooms/toadstools in all shapes and sizes, definitely on my wish list!
We are still up to our ankles in snow here and despite being a little bored of feeling cold, the photo opportunities are pretty wonderful!
Have a great weekend and if it's snowy and cold outside stay in the warm and play with your toys!!


  1. Beautiful miniatures. I love the snow picture cute dog.
    Hugs Maria

  2. I absolutely love the witchy writing set... Just had a look on her etsy! Some fab pieces to get hold of there! I'll keep a watch at her stuff from now on.. When I get round to building a Scribbulus writing equipment (maybe thr next shop) I'd love some of her pieces in it! So thanks for sharing that :D

    The mouse is brilliant.. So detailed for how small it is!

  3. To jest piękne! Cudowne. Uściski!
    This is beautiful! Wonderful. Hugs!

  4. That little mouse is amazing.
    Great finds :)


  5. Great shopping, Janice! The minis are really beautiful!

  6. Janice, that was very kind of you to mention me & my blog, Thank you. I'm lusting over quite a few things in Maunela's Etsy shop. I Love the Bottles in their containers. The little Mouse is really cute, will have to go and take a peek at the link.
    Lily looks like she's having fun in the snow..

  7. Oh, I like the writing set - what a lovely thing to have.

  8. Oh how adoreable is that little mouse and I love that tiny writing set!!
    hugs from a new follower
    vicky xxxx

  9. Love them all, including the snowscape.


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