Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Magical Menagerie Has Walls and A Roof......Next Shop Unveiled!

The exterior of The Magical Menagerie is almost complete. I have spent nearly a week Art Macheing all the walls. It was a long, long job.
 Two reasons it took forever. Firstly, I like a smooth finish, so I have to make sure the surface is laid at more or less the same depth and it then has to be smoothed down with my fingers and various flat tools.
 Secondly, I decided to glue on most of the moulding before applying the ArtMache for the first time with this kit. Usually I mark out where all the moulding goes and then apply the Mache. Why I decided to change I do not know.......It was a BIG mistake!!! I had to be so careful which slowed the whole process down dramatically. Plus it was much harder to do. Plus no matter how careful I was mache still went where it should not!!
 I haven't put the windows in yet because I want to match them with the interior woodwork and I decided not to work on that part of the project at the moment. Once I start looking at the interior rooms I know I will get distracted by the fireplace, or the doors, or the cages..........
I am keeping to the master plan.
 I have had a lot of trouble getting this kit to fit properly and you can see here the gap here. No amount of sanding or tweaking has helped but the double quoin strip has helped disguise the flaw.
I have decided to move on and put up with it.
 I am trying to make all the roofs look different from each other so I have tried to slip these tiles a little as if the roof is suffering from dis-repair or low flying dragons!!
 These are Richard Stacey weathered tiles and are very varied which was perfect for my roof. At the moment they look a little to bright so they will be dirtied up when I age the whole exterior
 I will add lots of dirty paint to all the exterior walls to match it with the look of the other shops in the Alley.
 A peek through the top window into the dragon room.
The street paviors are also down and ready to be aged. I will leave the front door panel all in brick but I have still some moulding to add. The two strips meant for this panel have disappeared, have absolutely no idea where they are so I am in the middle of painting two more. Gremlins on the loose again!!!
 As one exterior comes to an end another one starts. I have put together the carcass of 'Flourish & Blotts'.  This a Sid Cooke County kit that I was lucky enough to win on Ebay for half the list price. It was untouched and still in all its original packaging. 
So here I am back to moulding painting!!
This will be my last shop for quite a while as I want to work on the interiors of the five I have started. There is all the lighting to be done and all the exteriors still need finishing off as well.
Plus I need to start emptying all the boxes of furniture and props I have lying around before my workroom explodes!!


  1. Looking good!
    You crack me up Janice, low flying dragons and the dragon room is just the best :)

    Will be interesting to see your take on Flourish & Botts.


  2. The menagerie is looking great Janice! I particularly love the roof tiles! Reminded me of the scene where they escape on the dragon from gringotts and it claws the roof tiles of the buildings :)

    And another one! Haha, you certainly know how to keep us all entertained. I was thinking this kit too for the book shop (if I ever get that far... I'm finding one difficult at the moment!) But I'll have a rethink now.. Anyway, that's not for a long time.. I'm wanting to have gilderoy signing books in it...

    Wonderful as ever! Can't wait to see what f+b looks like ,

    All the best,
    Michael :)

  3. It looks great Janice! Love how you made the windows and front door,it gives the whole building a special touch! Looking forward to see and be cool,you will master the little troubles ;-)!Hugs,Jeannette

  4. Está ficando maravilhoso! Todo esse trabalho vale a pena.
    It's getting great! All this work is worth it.

  5. You've had a tough time, but you've succeeded!!!!

    Well, you did manage to apply the plaster 'after' the wood detailing was added! I did wonder whether you'd find it a challenge. I always apply plaster and go around whatever doesn't have it and then glue on my bits.

    You can easily remove any stray art mache and the like with a baby wipe and if you still have some left on, simply paint over. ;o) It looks fab, so don't be too hard on yourself! ;o))

    Gosh starting on another kit so soon, great to find a bargain...dontcha love a bargain! ;o)) Even better if nothing has been done to the kit too! I don't worry now as the old heat gun soon removes the bits so I have a bare base to work on.

    A book shop....a BIG shop to fill with a lot of books, now that will be a task! ;o))

    Michelle xx

  6. It is gorgious already, love the roof and the burned walls in the dragon room.

  7. Thanks everyone. This certainly was a trying kit to say the least. Lots of things went wrong but I have broken the back of the job now. Phew!
    Can't wait to start unpacking some of my 'stash' for each of the shops and begin the really fun part!!

  8. This is a considerable work!
    Your walls, doors and roofs are great. I really enjoy them!

  9. Looking great, and i especially love the slipping roof tiles, such a great effect, and really suits Potter shops! Another big shop already! You have infinate patience putting these kits together Janice. Im only ever enthusiastic with the filling part lol! Xxx

  10. Ellerinize sağlık. Çok güzel olmuş....


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