Thursday, 2 February 2012

Did You Notice?........

There were a couple of shoppers loitering outside my Diagon Alley shops in the photographs I posted yesterday.
These were must have pre-Christmas purchases from two of my favourite artisans.
This wonderful witch is actually a hanging decoration. I am not sure I will ever hang it on my Christmas tree but I am sure she will find a place on a room box one day.
 She is the work of an extremely talented lady who as far as I know only sells on Ebay. Her work only appears a few times a year and gets snapped up very quickly. Her Ebay ID is wetpaintco and I usually find her items by pure chance.
I only have a couple of her sculpted pieces but I love them.
 The dolls and characters of Silke Janas-Schlosser are absolutely gorgeous but like the previous seller are very rarely available on the Internet.
I know Silke attends a few very prestigious shows but unfortunately not in the UK.
 Whenever her characters appear in her Etsy shop they are sold almost immediately so I was delighted to be able to purchase this girl witch just before Christmas.
What a great expression she has! I want to create some girlie witchy shopping for her eventually, definitely a basket full of cookies and sweeties I think. With that naughty look she may even have visited Fred and George's joke shop.


  1. I did notice ;) I love wetpaintco's creations, your witch is fabulous. The little girl is so sweet.


  2. When I saw the first one in the photos I was trying to work out what it was haha... I thought she seemed tall! I just thought she was some kind of giant, I didn't see the bauble she was sitting on! She's wonderful though and I love the little girl, I can almost see her in flourish and Blotts balancing on top of a stack of books trying to catch a glimpse of gilderoy Lockhart

  3. The little witch is so lovely, congratulations on the great buy!
    kisses, Caterina

  4. You are very lucky to purchase such wonderful dolls made ​​by artists as talented.

  5. Great treasures! Lucky you, Janice!

  6. I noticed the dolls! :o)) lol I actually thought the witch on the bauble (?) was by Primdolly! I'd have her out too...she needs to be seen! Corrine's (?) is so sought after and you have to be very lucky to win too!

    Arh, Silke's work is always amazing and sought after too. I have a little witch girl who's holding a cone of sweets, she's the only one who I haven't posted online anywhere. :o(

    I noticed that you too haven't glued in the door panel in the Leaky Cauldron either, I intend to keep mine moveable too, so I can move the furniture about with ease.

    Great buy's Janice. :o)

    Michelle xx

  7. Hi Michelle, definitely keeping the panel unfixed on both kits as access is so limited otherwise.
    Don't mention Primdolly! I lust after her dolls big time....

  8. Hi Ladies, I am so lucky to have so many great pieces. My husband knows how to make a woman happy......he never complains!!

  9. Hi Michael, she is so cheeky isn't she. I would love to visit a European show to see all the different dolls made across the channel. They seem to have a charm all of their own.

    1. Hello!
      I would like to make acquaintance with you. My name is Tanya. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. My native language is Russian.

      I am 51 year old and for all 51 years I was afraid to come out that I dolls, doll houses, all sorts of mini cups, mini glasses, mini pans, mini cupboards … I had read your blog and became your big admirer. Eventually appeared an itch for making something.

      My blog is empty for the present as it had been created just only today. My son Eugene helped me with translation.
      Thank you very much and let me pay you my compliment.

  10. Love your dolls like always. You just make me believe even more now that dolls' houses are built for them :).


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