Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What's In the Box?

While hunting for witchy recipe books I came across an artisan new to me on Etsy, Pat Carlson of Skywind.
I found a book of witch recipes and a Grimm's Fairy Tales that looked perfect for The Cauldron Shop and my Hogwarts girlie staying at The Leaky Cauldron. 
My parcel arrived and I opened it eagerly.
Oh no! I thought I have done it again. The books were too big, a mistake I have made at least twice before.
 On picking them up imagine my delight on realising these were the most wonderful hand-painted boxes, not the books themselves.
 Inside each box was the most scrumptious, perfectly to scale book.
 Gorgeously hand made and with the most delightful illustrations.
These tales were a childhood favourite and this teeny book is just a perfect addition to my collection.

Little Red Riding Hood simply jumps out of the book, demanding to be read!
Do take a look at Pat's work it is truly gorgeous.
Now I need to think of a project for boxes!!


  1. Beautiful books! I know I have received books that are too big also. What a nice gift the books would make with the boxes too.


  2. Hi Victoria, these are just perfect and you are right they would make a lovely gift. My daughter would love The Velveteen Rabbit as she is a huge "Friends Fan".

  3. I'm glad books were on the right scale. I was holding my breath and suffering with you because of too large books when you began. Now I share your joy of receiving perfect books. ;)


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