Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Girl Needs Candles........

Planning any themed project over a number of years means lots of duplicate items. My wizarding Diagon Alley will obviously require many candles. In fact any spooky inspired project needs lots of candles.
So I was really excited when one of my favourite artisans began selling her own range of miniature candles. Of course I could not simply order the candles I had to buy a couple of Victoria's wonderful potion bottles.
 I then asked Victoria if she would make me a selection of wax candles ready to use anywhere in the Alley. As ever helpful and obliging Victoria agreed and I received this lovely parcel of goodies.
 Beautifully wrapped.....
 ......and the perfect mix of sizes and widths.
 And Victoria, ever kind also popped in a few extras from her varied range of colours and types.
Do visit Victoria's blog and definitely have a browse in her wonderful Dark Squirrel's Etsy shop full of a whole variety of fabulous items not just for us spooky collectors.
The on an Etsy browse I found these cute miniature 'chocolate' candles that I thought could also find a home in the Alley. They are from Betty's Minis and she makes the most gorgeous cakes and sweeties.
In the middle of Julie's fabulous owls is a gorgeous Halloween centre piece with delicately tapered witchy black candles by Lory.
I have been working hard on both shops today but the light was too dingy by the time I had finished today but a little bit of sunshine is expected tomorrow. Lots of flooring done and gaps galore in my PaperClay roof but the randomly placed additional tiles have worked a treat, thank goodness!


  1. Thank you for showing my candles! I can't wait to see your shops loaded. Those owls are so cute.


  2. What a great purchase! These items are fabulous.

  3. Smashing goodies, just love them all! xx

  4. Fantastic candles.
    If you want, you can participate in the Chain of Christmas 2011-swap, on my blog.
    Bye Faby

  5. Me encanta pasearme por tu blog, siempre tienes preciosas maravillas.
    Esta vez esas preciosas compras, enhorabuena!!!
    besitos ascension

  6. Victoria's candles are perfect! And Julie's owls are a hoot! I can't wait to see them in your "Alley"!

  7. I adore Victorias candles and potion bottles i have a few in my Wizards room

  8. Victoria is wonderful, I'm not surprised that you are pleased with her work. :)


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