Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Cauldron Shop Roof.......The PaperClay Experiment Part 2

The roof has now dried out completely. The shrinkage has come to an end and I have covered the caps with slipped tiles. 
 The chimney stacks have had additional layers glued on and need to be undercoated/sealed before I start applying the Art Mache. I think I have probably over worked the roof tiles. Looking back at Rik Pierce's  roof work it is much less fussy. I should have left it alone a bot more and not tried to do something with every tile.
 I have also sanded down the Art Mache on the main stack. Very, very dusty work but is has smoothed down perfectly.
 These are all the extra tiles I added to cover the shrinkage.
 I have now begun to paint the roof with the main terracotta  acrylic mix/wash. I was pleasantly surprised by how hardy the clay tiles were. I started off very tentatively as I was dreading the clay cracking but they seem to withstand more than I expected.
 I have given it a thorough wash bit tried not to get too neurotic about painting every nook and cranny as I will be giving the whole thing a number of different paint washes. This is just the main base.
This seemed to take forever though! The chimney stacks are definitely going to be a pain! Another note to self: next time mark where you want the chimneys sit and then make them up, Art Mache them, paint them and then glue them to the roof!
If I can I am going to prise off the quirky stacks and add them after I have worked on them. 
For the first time ever I have managed to mitre the corner of a cornice! Well actually my ever patient husband did all the angles and sawing for me. I have to tell you this broken wrist of mine has had all sorts of unexpected benefits!
This fabulous cornice fitted perfectly and I have brushed it with my favourite gold Rub 'n' Buff.
Oh, and if you want to see how a chimney stack really should be made have a look at Brae's Blog, wow! Absolutely stunning. I must start saving egg boxes!


  1. The Cauldron Shop is getting more and more beautiful. ;)

  2. I Love the roof and I don't think you were being too fussy at all.


  3. Don't think I can ever fit that cornice as snugly. Not even sure if I can use the mitre properly yet!

    Well done, Janice!

  4. It looks great! I've tried that and gave up. I have to try those tiles again.... Did you use paper on that ceiling?
    In Miniature Style II

  5. I like your roof tiles a lot! They give a feeling of a really old house;) And the cornice is fabulous - just as you wrote it, Janice!:)

  6. Progress is great - even with the dratted wrist. I hope it's healing ok now.

  7. Hi Ladies,
    Can't take any credit for the mitres. All my husband's work!

  8. Hi Chris,
    The ceilings have been covered in the normal wallpaper. The unpainted type from DIY stores. I always look at the thinner, small patterned type on offer for ceilings. This one looks like spider's webs.
    Very naughtily I take home a sample sheet and this is usually enough for two ceilings.

  9. Great fun to see all pictures.I just discovered your blog and love it..


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