Friday, 4 November 2011

It's Amazing How Much You Can Do.....

With one hand and all the usual chores out of the question!
A trip to the fracture clinic this morning resulted in a new ''full" cast in a rather chic red! I decided against hot pink, lime green or fluorescent orange.
I even got to see the X-Rays today and the extent of the break. I can understand now why it is still so painful but it is improving every day.
The good thing is I have a lot of free time for playing!!!
 I had already prepared the wood for the mantle/fireplace surround so it was a relatively easy job to put it into place. 
The top may be a little too deep but I wanted a shelf deep enough for cauldrons.
I will see how it all looks once dressed.
 I have also finished the grouting on the paviors for the pavement and steps. You can also see where I have made a boo-boo. The steps are upside down, take note for future kits!! This has left me with a very small lip, too narrow for a step. I am thinking about what to do with it.....
No rush, I will see what it looks like once I have sanded and grimed the pavement.
The quarry tiles have also been grouted and are ready to be dirtied up in line with the shop floor.
 As tiling seems to be something I can do at the moment I have installed the roof. I was going to leave this til last as I wanted to have an internal attic shelf lit and stocked with old stock and bits and pieces.
Putting on the roof will make this a bit more fiddly but it does mean I can move on with the roofing.
With so many fire places I obviously need more than one chimney. There will be three altogether and I am going to try and make them a little quirky.
 Along the edge of the roof I have glued a slim piece of wood (they are actually stirrers from my favourite coffee shop), these will lift the first row of roof tiles to the proper angle.
I have no idea why this works. or why it is necessary, I must have read it somewhere, all I know is it works.
I will also paint these in case they can be seen along the edges.
 So, what to do for the next couple of weeks?
A new project of course!
Here is my next shop, Slug & Jiggers Apothecary, the Sid Cooke Regency Shop Kit all sealed and ready to be transformed.
This accident of mine is proving to be the best way of making me focus on the construction it is too easy for me to become distracted when I discover just the right piece by a fabulous artisan!
Now I need to find the wallpaper I bought at least two Miniaturas ago!!!


  1. Glad to hear your arm is getting better. You sure are taking advantage of the free time lol. Fantastic work.
    Hugs Maria

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  3. I did think you'd need a proper plaster as I didn't think you had one when I saw your photo! I had black when I had mine...don't show the dirt! lol lol

    I'm still so amazed that you've managed soooo much, I've made my roof so it lifts off and did consider hinging the top...but as I was having ridge tiles, it made that almost impossible. Bad idea! It would been easier overall with hinges.

    The Richard Stacey instructions as do Mike's state the thin card etc put on the edge, is to the lift the tiles so they are angled upwards rather than laying flat, which isn't realistic.

    I knew you were doing an Apothecary, but I didn't know you were doing Slug and Jiggers too. I can't remember the other name for the other one, hmmm! I need to glue my sign in..and do the other signs!

    Wishing you well!
    Michelle xxx

  4. Hi Maria, thank you for your kind comment. Slowly but surely!

  5. Hi Michelle, I really like making potion bottles so I have to do an Apothecary! Mr Mulpepper's Apothecary is the other one, which I like the sound of, great name.
    I thought hinges too but again, ridge tiles....
    I have also been looking at Sue Cook's range for the next kit just to change the front details. I don't want every shop to look exactly the same so different mouldings are a possibility.
    My plans are: The Leaky Cauldron, The Cauldron Shop, Mr Mulpepper's Apothecary, The Magical Menagerie, Ollivander's Wand Shop and my own Roots and Shoots.
    Phew......that's without my vampire hunter, my steam punk adventurer, my shabby chic cottage and so on and so on!!!

  6. What a lot of work you've done even with your arm in a cast - glad you are feeling a bit better:) Red would be my choice!

  7. Looking great Janice! Pity about not being able to keep house teehee.


  8. Amazing how you work with just one hand!! But very fortunately that you it´s possible and you don´t have to sit impatiently with nothing to do. Otherwise I guess you could always come up with some new ideas for more shops ;0)

  9. Janice, I've only just found this fabulous website a few days ago etc., sadly they are looking for a buyer for the business. However, they sell the most amazing wood mouldings etc. Open the PDF catalogue and have a nose. They will be selling all their stock off and are attending a fair at the end of Nov 2011?

    It was one reason why I chose not to have all Sid Cooke kits in the end. I LOVE the kits, but I wanted a little diversity. I think your line up is diverse, mine would have consisted of the same kit...too boring! lol

    Michelle xxx

  10. I'm so pleased your break is on the mend ♥ I would have gone for the bright red cast too :)xxxxx It's amazing how much you have been able to do.

  11. Hope you feel better day by day with less pain :) Take adavantage and pay a lot!! :)

  12. Glad your arm is healing. How much work you have done with one hand. It's getting amazing!

  13. You've managed to get a great deal done recently with one arm! I think it's probably because there's no guilt attached - who can cook with one hand? lol


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