Saturday, 8 October 2011

Owl Post......

Quick post because I just had to share these fabulous fellows with you.
They arrived this morning from Julie of The Cottage Kitty.
I hope you can see the character in these cheeky owls.
I have been waiting a while for Julie to make more owls so I was so pleased to discover them on Ebay.
Thank you Julie I love them!


  1. Those owls are so cute! I like the candle stick too :)


  2. Julies Owls are wonderful..

  3. Great purchase, Janice! I loved the owls!

  4. Thanks for sharing this post!!! The owls are beautiful and when I went to check on ebay I saw 2 other owls for sale......I just purchased both :-)
    Julie's little owls are just wonderful!!!

  5. Very cute owls. Julie's work is wonderful.

  6. They are gorgeous. My good witch lives in Owl cottage so i need lots of owls and really wanted these, but i had to resist until i can get some more pennies together! Not much good me selling to save for Christmas then buying loads of things for myself he he! Maybe ill treat myself after December! Katexxx

  7. Janice, I love them. I am so excited because I won one of them too from Julie and it arrived yesterday! I feel very fortunate to have won it on ebay. They are made so well!!!! Thanks for sharing yours!

  8. The owls are gorgeous.
    Hugs Maria

  9. The owl on the books is my favourite! These were lucky finds and buys!

    I need to get owl collecting myself, the only artisan one I have is by Miss Sally World that I bought ages ago! :o((

    Michelle xxx

  10. They are brilliant, I love Julie's owls. The owl on the bookstack is my fvaourite, I will have to keep an eye out on her Ebay site :0)
    Julia xx


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