Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Birthday to Me.......Look What I Got!!!!!

Nobody warned me that dog walking is very dangerous to your health! 
I am 53 years young today and have my first broken bone!
Yep, I have broken my wrist and have a nice brand new cast in which to celebrate my Halloween birthday.
The good thing is that it is my left arm, the bad thing is it hurts a lot!
The traction........which seemed a pretty medieval way to treat a 21st Century person, went well I am told so it seems unlikely it will require pinning.
I did get a couple of much nicer presents though.
 Two cheeky mandrakes by Mags
 My husband bought them from her very well stocked and busy stand at Alexandra Palace.
Absolutely love them.
 My lovely husband also bought me these fabulous pieces by Stokesey Ware from their Victorian kitchen range. They are so beautifully crafted in traditional earthenware.
 I will definitely age and distress the corks ready for The Cauldron Shop.
 Lastly I had to have the bread crock.
 Who says that witches wouldn't have a few classy pieces in their kitchens? Not me! The collection is very extensive but can be added to slowly which I like.
Their fine china is simply to die for.
I had to begin a collection from this artisan as they are based in Stoke Newington a north London borough where I was born and bred. I only moved to leafy Hertfordshire on having children. 
I can't believe that miniature fine china is now being made 5 minutes from where I was born!
 My parents 'bought' me this tea set from Sally Meekins. It was made specially for Ally Pally and as I had purchased her pumpkin set a couple of years ago I knew it had my name written on it.
It has all been hand painted and is so delicately made on fine china.
This set is also destined for The Cauldron Shop. I am thinking of a round display table upstairs........
Happy Halloween to you and yours.


  1. Happy birthday!
    Sorry about your wrist. It gets less painful in one or two days. I know this from my own experience.
    Your gifts are fabulous. Enjoy.

  2. Rats! Seems like you salvaged the birthday for the most part. Wishing you a speedy recovery! :D

  3. Happy birthday and a lot of wishes of get well soon Janice!
    Great miniature collection by the way:)

  4. Happy Birthday, Janice! You got wonderful Birthday presents and I hope, they could cheer you up although you´re suffering! Hope you feel better soon! Hugs, Sandra

  5. cuida esa muñeca y tómalo con paciencia...

  6. I thought it was black cats that bring bad luck on Halloween, but apparently cute little black dogs do the trick too! I hope you recover soon :)

  7. Awww Janice, not so good! I've broken limbs...ankles and knees, all very serious and nasty! :o( I hope you mend sooooooon!!!! Looks like mini work will be hard to do for a while, if at all. :o(

    Happy Birthday anyhow!!! :o)))))

    Fabulous did manage to find some goodies there! :o))

    I haven't forgotten to reply to your email. :o)

    Very best wishes to you.
    Michelle xxx

  8. Happy Birthday. Pity about the wrist i hope its better soon. Your gifts are beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Happy Birthday Janice , poor you, hope you recover quickly! Glad you had some lovely goodies to cheer you up|! xxxx

  10. OUCH...gin & tonic by the gallon, methinks!
    I remember selling these Mandrakes to a very nice gentleman...wish he told me who he was!
    Glad you like'em...x

  11. Oh dear, a wrist in plaster is not the best way to celebrate a birthday :( But what wonderful pressies!! Wishing you lots of happiness on your birthday in spite of the injury xx

  12. Happy Birthday Janice!
    What a terrible thing to happen. I love all your pressies and hope you are on the mend.


  13. Happy Birthday ,Janice !!! I hope you getting better soon with your broken arm.
    You get wonderful gifts ,I'm totally in love with your tea set. Hugs,Jeannette

  14. Oh dear, what a birthday present that was! Get well soon! I hope you had a great day despite the bad luck, congratulations!

  15. Oh no Janic!!! I am so very sorry about your wrist. What a birthday to have that happen!

    What wonderful new miniatures to make you feel better though! What a very sweet husband you have. :-)

    Happy Birthday and I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Catherine XXX

  16. Happy birthday! Vraiment pas de chance pour le bras... et beaucoup de chance pour tous ces beaux cadeaux! Bon rétablissement!

  17. Gorgeous gifts! So sorry about your arm. Naughty doggy!

  18. Les cadeaux sont superbes , bon rétablissement !

  19. Feliz cumpleaños!!!
    Te deseo lo mejor y que pronto este tu brazo ¡perfecto!!! Pensemos que es de buena suerte y tendrás un año maravilloso!!!
    Y los regalos muy lindos!!!
    Un abrazo

  20. Ouch! Poor you. My mother broke her wrist a couple of years ago and as Drora says the pain will get better soon (unless they do decide to put plates and pins in afterall - pray you won't need this).

  21. Aw, that's not so good re the broken bones, wishing you a speedy uncomplicated recovery. Love your birthday goodies! Happy Birthday!!

  22. Feliz cumpleaños, y espero que tu mano se recupere pronto.
    Muy bonitos los regalos.

  23. Happy belated birthday and what a nuisance with the wrist. I hope it improves soon but you got lots of lovely goodies to make up for it - kind of takes the edge off, don't you think?

  24. Happy birthday! You got beautiful gifts!
    I wish your wrist heals soon. ;)

  25. HaPpY BiRtHdAY to you :0)
    Your presents are wonderful and I hope you have had a lovely day... as much as you can that is with your broken wrist! I hope it heals quickly and the pain stops very soon.
    Julia xxxx

  26. What on earth has naughty Lily done to cause this???? Poor you, hope you mend quickly Janice and Happy belated birthday to you. xx

  27. Happy birthday. I hope your wrist heals quickly - do you 'graduate' to a lightweight fibreglass cast and get to choose a colour?

    You certainly got some lovely gifts :)

  28. Oh Janice, I'm so sorry I've only just seen your post. Happy Birthday for yesterday xxxxx & I hope your wrist is soon mended x

  29. Oh Dear Janice, I hope you mend quickly.
    Some beautiful Birthday Gifts, Love them all..Take care x

  30. Happy belated birthday Janice! Sorry about the broken arm but I am saluting you , my friend. Even with an arm, you could still work on minis ! Utmost respect :) and very beautiful gifts from your love ones.

  31. Happy belated birthday and I'm sorry about your arm - painful!


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