Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Nice Little Pot Of........

Once upon a time I loved a nice little pot of Chanel face cream or a gorgeous little pot of Clarins eye gel or even an unusual little pot of Origins mushroom face pack. Well those days are gone because now I am much more likely to be found putting my dirty little fingers in to little pots like this one. 
 I first read about this product on a decoupage site and I thought it was an ideal solution to my printies problem. I have found that my ink jet images are prone to smearing when I seal them with artist varnish or similar, and even if they don't smear they often look a bit 'flat'.
This 'glaze' is like a very light wax which you simply apply with your finger in very small amounts. You can also use it on wood - I tried it on a couple of wooden picture frames with success.
My Diagon Alley project will obviously involve a lot of printies and labels and packaging so I wanted to try this out on pictures I had in my stash to see how it worked on paper.
I have to say I loved the effect. The colours were enhanced and the paper has a very subtle glaze, which can be buffed up if you wish.
Definitely a nice little pot.


  1. Janice,

    You did make me chuckle over the lack of pots of creams for beauty these days! lol

    Try spray matt varnish too, that does the job cos no touching is involved. :o)) It's great for sealing wallpaper and anything printed with an inkjet printer.

    Michelle xxx

  2. ...these things are good to know! Thanks for sharing it with us! ((I dunno what my cats have done to my printer, but it just doesn't work anymore? I miss printies:)!!

  3. I am a bit of a disaster with sprays, I never seem to get an even coat but this waxy stuff is so easy to use.

  4. That's a pain! Grr! Maybe you need to hold the spray further away?

    I will have a look at this stuff too as it sounds unusual! :o)) Thanks for your trials! lol

    Michelle xx

  5. Une trouvaille , cela m'intéresse , c'est vrai que le papier imprimé à l'imprimante jet d'encre bave parfois .J'utilise le vernis mat à l'eau pour stabiliser la couleur .

  6. The people in "The Gathering" ie my mini group had been scratching our head over how to solve the cracking and smearing problem of printies! This may well be the answer. We will definitely check it out :). Thanks, Janice for sharing!

    Like Michelle, I had to laugh about the cream. Same here :):). I have given up painting my nails :) although my girlfriend did show me these acrylic nail polish which will not chip. But all I was thinking was wow, now I can use it to make plastic minis :):)

  7. Essential beauty product!! Thanks Janice for this, it looks great :)

  8. I shall have to get some of this stuff myself, its sounds like good stuff... and its by another 'kins' so it must be fate! LOL

  9. Have you tried Modge Podge for coating paper? They have it in Matte, Sparkle, and Gloss :) I've never seen your product before so I'll have to keep an eye out for it.


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