Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dobby Shadow Box.........Birthday Present Number Two

Having made the Harry Potter character shadow box for the 22nd birthday of my eldest son, it seemed only fair to make one for my daughter's 20th birthday next week. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what I intended to include and began with the basics.
 Despite looking everywhere the deepest boxes I have been able to find are only one inch, so I had to line the interior with strips of balsa to extend the depth to two inches. I then used up some left over stone wallpaper and ceiling paper for three of the sides.
The walls were then grimed a bit and then I glued on some Harry Potter printies and other wizardly items.
 I found all these using google images and then printed them on tea stained photo paper. I also used my little magic pot of MicroGlaze which is definitely my new best friend.
 For the floor I used some left over Richard Stacey roof tiles which I grouted after giving them a good PVA/water wash. They were still a bit of a pain to clean off mostly because of the tight space I was working in. These look a bit bright and new at the moment but I will give them a grimy wash to tone them down.
 And here he is the star of the show, looking out on the world but a bit shy at the moment.
 Dobby!! By the wonderful Jain Squires. I bought him at a Kensington Show about a year ago for Diagon Alley and although he is perfect in every way I decided my daughter would love him. 
 The back wall is also papered in stone but I have added a fireplace with some left over slate. This will house a bubbling cauldron by Debie Lyons hopefully on a log fire. This will be interesting as I have never attempted bubbles before!! 
 A bit of a dress rehearsal. Dobby fits the extended depth thank goodness. The fire place mantle is dressed with various HP printies and a 'Hocus Pocus' movie poster because my daughter loves that film! There is also one of Wendie's super pumpkin candles and a wonderfully turned mortar and pestle from one of my favourite sellers Ashwood Designs
 I filled the mortar with soft gunge and then laid the pestle on the top because it was so beautifully turned I didn't want to cover it up!! The large book was part of a wizard set from Pear Tree Miniatures that I have set aside for Flourish & Blotts.
 The fireplace is topped by a photo of the two Dumbledore's in  a frame I originally made for the Leaky Cauldron. As it was the perfect width for the mantle I cut it down added a bit of gold rub 'n' buff before gluing the picture in place.
Of course there had to be some mention of S.P.E.W even if the house elves don't always approve.
At the moment my bubbling cauldron is cooling down so I hope to be able to show you how it has gone tomorrow.
I hope the sun is still shining in your part of the world, we had lovely sunshine today but a very chilly north wind. I don't mind how cold it is as long as that sun keeps shining!!


  1. Well I think it looks superb and I am sure your daughter will love it! The mantel piece is dressed perfectly and I love the printies half falling off the wall too!

    I have a number of books and other items from Pear Tree miniatures, just perfect. :o)

    I'm back to a massive beam making session soon and I HAVE to make the horrid Tudor bay windows beforehand...I'm dreading the latter! lol

    We had bright sunshine today too and it was a bit cooler. Sadly, rain is forecast tomorrow! :o((

    Michelle xxx

  2. Perfect janice! I love the shadow box, I know your daughter will be thrilled. I can't wait to see the cauldron with bubbles :)

    Victoria ❤

  3. Hi Michelle, I don't envy you the beams, I have definitely had enough of wood for a while. My next project is a complete 'mud' job and I am going to try and do something interesting with the roof with lots of chimneys.

    I hope to use your inspiration too by making my own fireplace/range.

    We are never satisfied with just one project are we.....always thinking about the next one!!

  4. Hmmmm, well Victoria I have just removed it from the oven and it is interesting to say the least.
    The best thing I can tell you is it's definitely bubbling!!

  5. Wonderful shadow box, Janice! I Like every bit of it very much... Dobby is adorable! Looking forward to see the bubbling couldron in it :)

  6. Thanks Nicole, I am very pleased with how it has all come together and these little boxes are a good way of using up left over pieces. I will definitely do some more.

  7. You just amaze me! I love it Janice and I will be back to see the cauldron with bubbles..
    Thank you for visiting Bebe on her adventure and your kind words.

  8. You do amazing work. Just amazing!

  9. awesome stuff!! very talented artist!

  10. Wow, it is fabulous and Dobby looks so at home and great in it! Mini Hugs, Jean

  11. Janice, you are becoming quite a master at conjuring up a box :). Your daughter will be thrilled, to say the least because there are definitely some treasures in the box, mostly your love :).

    I have recently bought some mini real bricks (made from clay just like the real thing) meant for miniature gardens (for 6 years and above ..lol) but they are so thick. I like your roof tiles which you used for the floor.

    I am very curious about the bubbling cauldron . I did it once with little silica beads taken from silica gel pack meant for preserving food. I wasn't very happy with mine.:)

  12. FANTASTIC! I would be more than happy to get it as the birthday present!:)

  13. It looks wonderful, Janice.

  14. Hi,

    I love your dobby shadow box. The printies peeling off the wall look amazing. I think you have stumbled across something really useful for minis with the micro glaze. I adore the dobby doll, but he is one of my favourite characters. Cant wait to see the finished box.

  15. Oh my! You've been busy! I love how you make these little boxes! And this one looks like so much fun! Your daughter is going to love ti!!

  16. Thanks ladies, I hope she likes it too! You might not all be quite so complimentary when you see my.....how not to approach bubble making post tonight!! Ha! Ha!

  17. Sans, have you tried Richard Stacey for your miniature bricks? His are perfectly scaled and I am sure he ships internationally.

  18. Great shadow box Janice! the posters are excellent... methinks I have printer envy LOL I had a look at the micro glaze & it made me smile as its by judiKINS I shall have to buy some just for the name ♥
    Thanx for the mention too, its lovely to see my little candlekins in settings... this one amused me as I often wondered what he was so grumpy about but then I suppose I would be too if some-one set light to my head! :o)

  19. Another lovely idea - the cauldron would have made more sense if I'd read the posts in the right order though! NOW I get it - lol.


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